anyone see this CFS Tape NOT I RMBER ME

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    I just happen to come across this and has anyone seen it?

    Funny, You Don't Look Sick
    An Autobiography of an Illness
    This intimate documentary self-portrait is told with humor and compassion. Susan Abod is a woman living with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or Environmental Illness. Filmed over a period of 18 months in 1994-95, Susan describes in detail the nature of her illness, illustrates her daily routine, and gives us a guided tour of her environmentally "safe" apartment. Comments from Susan's numerous doctors and a visit with her CFIDS support group offer further insights in this illuminating, firsthand report on a baffling, twenty-first century disease.
    Produced by Susan Abod
    and Lisa Pontoppidan, 1995
    Color, 64 mins, VHS video
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    "Those longing to retrieve the experience of genuine emotion in a dark theater, will want to see Funny You Don't Look Sick...It invites the healthy and disabled to recognize a common will to endure and prevail...This autobiographical video is not portrait of a victim. It is the self-discovery of a survivor."
    The Boston Globe
    "Her perseverance and cheer are moving." "Fine documentary on an important theme"
    Chicago Tribune
    "...excellent...serious, though often humorous...Susan Abod's story puts a human face on this debilitating illness which robs people of their energy and plays havoc with their immune system responses. When Abod wistfully lists pleasures she misses-afghans, coffee, browsing through the mail-we begin to comprehend both the magnitude of the losses and how much we take for granted. Highly recommended."
    Video Librarian
    ["Funny You Don't Look Sick"] can stand on it's own in any gathering of documentary films ... Entertaining and highly professional"
    The Human Ecologist
    "...A provocative documentary...validates the physical and emotional experience of living these illnesses."
    Sojourner: The Women's Forum
    "...poignant and dramatically honest. There are many unexplored kinds of illness and this film places an enlightened face on disabilities that no one would otherwise discuss."
    Gail Kansky, President
    Massachusetts CFIDS Association
    "This is a valuable educational tool. It brings the reality of living with a 20th century illness into our homes and confronts us with the potential consequences of toxic exposures."
    "It brings the reality of living with 20th century illness into our homes and confronts us with the potential consequences of toxic exposures."
    Peter Nakashian, Executive Director
    American Association of Environmental Medicine (AAEM)
    " I found this video to be very useful in educating those who suffer with CFIDS and MCS; informing families and friends. "Funny You Don't Look Sick" is a helpful aid (source) for learning about such a complicated illness"
    Dr. Jeanne Hubbuch, Newton MA
    AAEM member
    "It might be an eye opener. It would help doctors, particularly those who are not sick treating patients with MCS to see what exactly is the daily ordinary routine for people with this problem.
    I was very moved deeply moved by Susan's account of her daily struggles with aspects of life that most people never have to be concerned with- that are taken for granted- the smallest items are the greatest obstacles for this courageous woman with MCS."
    Dr. Erica Elliot, Sante Fe, NM
    Co-author of "Prescirpstion for a Healthy House"
    To Order Video Cassettes:
    Please make out a check for $29.95
    Payable to: Susan Abod
    Mail to:
    Susan Abod
    PO Box 851,
    Watertown, MA 02471-0851
    Email Susan at:
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