anyone seeing dr. montoya?

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    hi all. i was just wondering if anyone was seeing either dr. montoya or peterson because i have a question and cannot find an answer..i was wondering if someone could ask one of the doctors.

    it is about our risk of developing cancer (lymphoma, brain cancer, etc.). peterson states that 5% of his patients have t cell gene rearrangements which predict cancer and he says he is trying to find out if antivirals can interrupt or stop the process.

    one of montoya's patients on this board once posted that montoya said that without treating the viruses, we are at risk of developing cancer...but does treating them virtually eliminate the risk?

    i came upon a tragic story of a CFS patient who was one of the orginal tahoe flu victims. he had been on ampligen and had antiviral and immune modulating treatments. however, he still developed mantle cell lymphoma and passed away. it was found that HHV6a was the culprit.

    any thoughts?


    interesting link:

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