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    This is probably nationwide, but our public libraries notified all that they have workstations devoted to those seeking jobs. The workstations will prinr job leads, resumes, etc. and have tutorials to help with searching for jobs, job interviews and filling out job applications. And the library staff can also help.

    So this is another resource for jobseekers that has probably opened up/is in the process of opening up nationwide.
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    Thanks freida. Unfortunately, I've had a few seniors mention they can't make it financially and are looking for work. Now that I have learned about the new job seeking work stations at the public libararies, I can point them there. So I'm passing it along here and hoping for everyone to continue to "pass it along" if you learn of anyone looking for work.

    Positive also is that the staff at the public libraries are very nice if you don't understand the computer programs or have trouble working on the computers, or have a disability that you need help with the computer. Sometimes computer programs can be scarey for some, but the library staff can really help so you don't have to panic or stress out--they are so helpful in a nice, easy, calm way.