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    I am new to message boards. I have FMS, lupus, and a host of other problems. I always thought the tremendous pain in my shoulders, arms, neck, and back were due to my fibro, but it turns out that I have another problem -- the "pain in the neck" is also due to buldging disks, degenerative disks, pinched nerves, and spinal stenosis. My family doc and my rheumatologist do not believe in pain medicine for the fibro or any of my other problems, but are now sending me to this Pain Management specialist for an evaluation. Has anyone seen one? Will he dismiss all of my fibro pain? I think I am in more pain from the fibro and lupus than from the neck/back problems. I now have a new pain in my lower back/hip where I cannot stand up or walk more than 10 minutes. If I do, the pain is sooooooo bad that I must sit down immediately and feel like crying. Sound familiar?
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    and i quote "people with your amount of pain don't get better" - i almost started crying right there and then. he actually said that! i'm on the waiting list now for an intensive (Read: painful) 6 week pain management course. no doc will give me meds, other than anti-depressents. i'm so fed up! thats my experience, i'm sure others will have something more positive to say tho.

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    Yes, I went to a pain managment center and they were going to give me an epidural with morphine and steroids, but workers comp decided not to pay for it, so I have not gotten it done yet.
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    My family doctor tried to get an appointment for me with the Pain Management Specialists...... but they don't treat people with Fibromyalgia. Hard to understand.... they are in the business of pain management, and we have (in some cases) severe pain....... DUH!!..... Seems like they were created for us.... yet they reject us too...... so sad.
    Anyway, happy thoughts to all.
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    I have had FMS and arthritis diagnosed since 1991.

    I go to a practice that specializes in the treatment of chronic pain. The primary doc is a DO; the others are MDs, but the DO philosophy permeates the practice.

    They are open to using anything that works on pain -- drugs, homeopathics, herbs, acupuncture, physical therapy, psychology, yoga and tai chi, support groups. They encourage healthy life styles, meditation and prayer (if that's your thing).

    I have to say that these docs have helped to transform my life.
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    This doctor treats patients that have chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system. He also does diagnosis for nerve disorders, vascular disorders and environmental and immune disorders. I am so thankful that I was referred to this doctor. He has been treating fibromyalgia patients and has a certain protocal that he uses in treatment. I just recently found out that I have heavy metal toxins in my blood; Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Aluminum. Just started taking DMSA to rid my body of these toxins along with zinc picolinate, magnesium chelated, fibro-malic and a very pure multi-vitamin. He is very knowledgable about Fibromyalgia, I feel that he is the only doctor other than the Chiropractor, that seems to understand my pain and fatigue and everything else that comes along with this disease.
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    I was referred to Kaiser's Physical Medicine Dept. after my husband asked my PCP what could be done about my chronic neck and shoulder pain. It took the doctor about five minutes to diagnose fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, he didn't offer much help. He handed me some exercise charts, told me to walk more (as I sat there before him in a scooter, since I also have multiple sclerosis), to get a better desk chair, to use a tilt footrest at my desk and to get a special back cusion to use with a regular chair. All of this took him a total of maybe 15 minutes. He was out the door almost before I knew we were done. I thought he said he had referred me to Kaiser's class on fibromyalgia, but it turned out that he hadn't. I called back to find out about it only to learn that the doctor who saw me had left on a two-week vacation, and the on-call doctor might not be willing to give the referral. Fortunately, my PCP was able to give me the referral, but I certainly didn't come away feeling any confidence in the Physical Medicine Dept.

    Kaiser is supposed to have a Pain Clinic, too, and I've been told I have a referral to that, but they tend to triage all this stuff, and I don't think I'll rank very high on the waiting list.

    It certainly would make sense for a pain management doctor to be able to help--but then very little about health care these days really seems to make sense.

    --Laura R.M.
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    Some are good; some aren't. My pain specialist was great. He prescribed Morphine when I was in horrible pain. It allowed me to then seek other treatments, like the Guai and physical therapy, and I was eventually able to do without pain meds except for the occasional episode.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was sent to a pain managment Phys. almost a year ago for FM/CMP,by my PCP.I am not in a managed health care plan,but am in a ppo plan.
    I can not tell you what a difference this man has made in my life,I tell my husband that I have finally found the man of my dreams!!
    I just recentlly have found out that I have spinal stenosis,buldging discs, degenerative discs,bone spurs and arthritis ,all of which are in my LS.
    I am on a lot of meds fro my pain manag. Dr.,about 7 altogether,some I take just when needed.He does have me on serious pain meds,at the beginning just for the fibro/cmp,and now for my lumbar spine pain.
    So all I can tell you is to try,maybe you'll get lucky like I did.
    Good-luck,and let us know how you make out!!
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    where everyone is from, but here in Illinois in Rockford the pain specialist has a big 'ol clinic, many docs, and they have a clinic at our local hospital once a week. They give pain meds freely, and you don't have to try and convince them you hurt. They know fibro is a pain disease and never bat an unbelieving eye when you tell them you have it.
    No other docs in the area, whether it be Rheumy or internal medicine or ANY doc, will give me anything but anti-inflamatories. My ENT gave me Fexeril more readily for TMJ than the Rheumy would ever dream about. He's such a dope.