Anyone seen Dr. Tenenbaum in Torrance?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CinCA, Mar 27, 2006.

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    I just called the former FFC, now its own entity, to ask some questions about their services. When I told the rep. about my sensitivities to meds and strong desire to avoid pharmaceuticals, she said Dr. Tenenbaum might be able to help me. But I am so gun-shy and feel my ND is helping, a little...I hate making another change with all the upheaval in my life.

    Has anyone seen Dr. Tenenbaum, and if so, what did you think? Also, has anyone had indemnity insurance and gone to him/the Torrance center? This is my first time having indemnity, which starts in May, and I am hoping it will pay for more than my previous PPOs did with the whole in/out of network thing. I don't know what provider the insurance will be with...we're still in a waiting period before coverage will start so I don't have any paperwork yet.

    Thanks much.
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    Bump, bump
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    I hope this is not to late. I do see Dr. Tenenbaum for that exact reason. I have RA among other things and I do not want to take the traditional ra meds. He has been a great help.
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    He is very nice and will def. spend the time to answer your questions. He is also knowledgable.


    What has he given you for RA? I also have Hashimotos (Autoimmune) so wondering what has worked for you in that regard?


  6. KimWeb

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    I take a t3/t4 combo that is a natural form from a compounding pharmacy in Colorado. I also take high does of fish oil. He also discoverd my HGH level was that of a 90 yr old and I was only 35 at the time!! I took the shots for awhile and they really do help but I can't afford it for awhile. Hope that helps.

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