Anyone sell Premier Jewelry?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lvjesus, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. lvjesus

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    I just signed up to sell Premier Jewelry hoping that I could maybe find a way to reduce my hours at work more and maybe eventually get into it full time since I feel better if I can be at home more. I am curious if anyone here sells it and how you have done with it.

    Thanks and God Bless
  2. Janalynn

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    Hi Sonya,
    Direct Sales can definitely be a lucrative business. It is also great in these tough economic times. (Avon for instance has doubled it's enrollment) I could list many reasons why, but not necessary here. It does give you the opportunity to work less hours, more from home etc. but it is hard work and you have to really build your business.

    I work a part time direct sales business, but I'm a manager so I don't have to go out and do the parties - way too much work for me right now. I did it for a while last fall/winter/spring and couldn't do it any longer.

    If you can commit to it - you can make it work. See I wish we could email each other!!
    A lot depends on your commitment level, then of course, with us how we feel physically!

    I can't speak of Premier Jewelry specifically - I did have a party years ago. Do they have a good comp plan? A good plan for recruiting others? If you want to take this to the chitchat board - I'd be happy to talk more to you about the whole business in general....

  3. lvjesus

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    You get 50% of the profit from each party. If you sponsor people, you get 10% of their sales but you still have to commit to do so much in sales or parties (can't remember which) if you have people under you. If you DO NOT have people under you, you do what you want. That was my concern, if I am not feeling well and can't do any I do not want anyone calling me up and hassling me over it. My upline is great and I told her that straight up and she is cool with it. It is also a Christian owned business, which I like. I usually run from stuff like this and I approached her about it so I think God is helping me out.

    I have been very worried about my increasing symptoms and how am I going to keep my job so I am exploring this option. As far as email addresses are concerned, it used to be that if you emailed support and requested to have your email address sent to someone, they would do it. That way it is not for all to see, but you can still communicate one on one. I do not know if they still do it or not though, but I would be glad for us to email if we can.

    I work all day, so I am not on but in the am some and maybe some at night. Thanks for your comments. God Bless
  4. lvjesus

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    bumping for Janalynn

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