Anyone skitish now?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MissyTx, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. MissyTx

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    I was reading a post about the nightmares and it made me think of how I am very skitish about all kinds of things now; like being alone here at home! I never use to be scared to be home alone! Even in the day I will get freaked sometimes and will have to call my husband or mom...then I end up having to explain my stupidedness to them, but luckily they understand how I am now. (or rather they DON'T understand but say they do and just except it...LOL) I can be driving for example to ANOTHER NEW dr and all of the sudden get scared and confused as to where I am....I hate this! I was born and raised around here and know all the hwys and roads! Does anyone do this???

    God Bless!
  2. wle

    wle New Member that you mention it........I went to town the other evening and they detoured the road while I was gone. I freaked. Didn't know how to get home. It was dark and I had a major panic attack. Once I got myself calmed down I was able to get myself turned around and made it home fine but thought I was going to have to go back into town and call home to have hubby come so that I could follow him home there for a while. I hate when things like that happen. WLE
  3. stillfighting

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    I find I have to prepare myself much more before making decisions. I also tend to get lost, but this has always been a problem :). I think it is the fibrofog.
  4. orionshines94

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    Missy, sounds like some of things i've been going through. For some reason i don't like to go by my self in the car, yet when i'm not driving, i feel anxious and out of control. I have fibro and many problems. I ask my Dr. about all this and she said it was "THE PAIN" causing my mind to act in this way or,it was the minds way of coping. Don't let any one make you think your stupid. Best Wishes, Sheila Kansas
  5. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    I have lived my life being scared of everything. At first I thought everybody did..then I realized everyone did not feel these fears. So, I just kinda muddled my way through.

    The .. GREAT news for me is, since I started my new treatment..this part of my problems has almost been totally taken away. I cannot believe it. I was not looking for the anxiety and fear to dissapate like this. I feel truly blessed by God.

    I have really put it to the test this week too. My in laws called on Monday night and said they would be dropping in on Tues..any other time I would have freaked! Not this time. It was sooo odd. Wed. my Mom and I went to town and shopped ALL day. Even went to lunch. Any other time..I would have been a wreck with the WHAT IFS..not this time. I even was relaxed and NORMAL(?) while we were having lunch. And NO valium or anything either.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have suffered from age 6 with these fears/anxieties and am now 50. My treatments are working on my adrenals. Among other things..they do cause the flight/fight that we get. I used to get those like 30 plus times a day. I cannot remember the last one I had. But it has been over two weeks now.

    Hope this helps you some. Sherry
  6. Pindooca

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    ... but I startle easy.
  7. Mikie

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    Is caued by the slight seizure state in our brains. Please go to the library and read the article by Dr. Cheney on Klonopin. It explains it all.

    Love, Mikie
  8. jofla

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    I seem to be afraid of everything. I do not like to stay at home alone for fear something will happen to me. The nights are the worst for me even when my hubby is home. I can't get to the doc as easily at nite the clinics are all open during the day. Every new symptom I have and even the old ones I feel that something bad is happening to me. I hate it. I even take xanax for it and my doc gave me zoloft, but I have yet to take it because of side affects. I am highly sensitive to medications. So........this is really the pits. I do understand what you are talking about it. I don't go to the store anymore without my hubby coming with me. How embarassing should I fall down. Its taken over my life and I don't know how to get control back.
    Wish I had all of the answers.


  9. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    You sound just like me. If I could wish anything for you..I wish you would have someone check your adrenals. I did not have a clue, but they were apparently fatigued to the point of working sparingly. Now..I am getting my life back..I cannot come close to telling you what that means after 40 years of missing out on everything from weddings to funerals to get togethers to movies.

    Hoping this helps..Sherry

    p.s. I am on NO drugs for this. Just in case you were wondering. Good luck.
  10. libra55

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    Missy that happened to me a couple of times, got lost on my way to the mall (lived here most of my 47 years). Just all of a sudden the road did not look familiar at all and I had no idea where I was. It only lasted a few seconds. I thought I had a stroke. Then I got lost in my OWN NEIGHBORHOOD. I was really freakin' on that one. I was petrified to go out by myself for the longest time.

    I go through cycles, sometimes I am okay and other times I do not want to leave my house. For some reason I am terrified about my car breaking down although this has never happened. I am constantly thinking what if this happens, what if that happens, etc. Then I kind of get over it and am able to be out and functional again. It's very weird.

    So no you're definitely not crazy.

  11. orionshines94

    orionshines94 New Member

    Perhaps you will share your secret with us?
  12. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    I went to an holistic nurse and she said my adrenals were not functioning correctly. I am taking some special supps to stimulate, turn on, if you will, my adrenals.

    Like I fatigue was the MAIN reason I was doing this. I have been plagued with the fight/flight and whole fear thing for so long, that I hate to say it..I am used to living with them. My shock came when those things subsided so much. My hair has stopped falling out so much and my hormones seem to not be quite so outta control. I think the fatigue is better also, as I have done more in the last three weeks than I have in the last three years I think.

    I take Immuplex, Cytozyme AD, Liquid Iodine(not the red stuff!)eat three meals a day that have to contain, veg/fruit, wee bit of carbs and palm sized serving of protein, walk 20 minutes every morning. I am detoxing but VERY slowly. I am now taking it every fourth day, when I do take it, I take something called lymphatic drainage to help get the toxins passed. I will eventually detox more frequently, but she did NOT want me to herx...and I do not want that either. On the days I do not take detox I take Livertrit. It helps to support the liver.

    My Mom, seventy, is in shock at her NEW daughter! She says my voice has changed and she cannot get over the fact that I can keep up with her now when we go shopping. I am not nervous and anxious all the time either.

    For me..If I would see no more improvement..I am functioning at least 50% better..I am pleased to get this much of my life back and feel God truly answered my prayers. I expect to get even healthier. I have been on this stuff only going on four weeks. To think that addressing my adrenals has brought me this far back is incredible to me. What will I feel like when the hormones, candida, etc. are addressed?

    I am so sorry to be so long winded about this..but when I read all these posts about fatigue, brain fog, etc. I think..geez..they all have the same problems I have dealt with all these years..I WISH they would feel led to see about their adrenals too. j

    I do not know myself any more. I think it was Mikie or Shirl who said they had to go learn how to feel well. I am having to learn what it FEELS like to be well, to be calm, to have a little energy. Its an odd but wonderful thing.

    And no, our insurance does not cover it. So far it has cost about $300.00. That covered four office visits, the first of which was one and a half hours..the others have been an hour. It also covered a hair analysis and print out, and supplements. Three hundred dollars is cheap when it buys you better health than you can remember in forty years.
    blessings, Sherry
  13. Pindooca

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    Some of you remind me very much of my sister. She has terrible agoraphobia and panick, but her biggest phobia is medications.... so she won't take any. :/