Anyone speak Spanish?

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    If so, I hope you will want to reply to the poster,
    with title Soy Pilar, on the Health board section of this website.

    I don't know Spanish.

    It's clear they are asking about fibromyalgia.

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    Surprising what you learn living in San Diego for 12 years! I can order from Taco Bell, too! My grand daughter loves it when I speak Scots Gaelic. She told a friend that I spoke Scotch Garlic once but now that she's "much older" (she's 9) she wanted to know a few "big people" words. I agreed and taught her Dhia Guit! For two days she ran around yelling "Dhia Guit!" whenever frustrated until her mom said "What the heck did you teach her? What is she yelling? Did you teach her to cuss?" "Scots Gaelic and no!" I said. It means "Hello!"

    Soft hugs,
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    Are you scottish then? Im from england.

    Theres a spanish post on the health board, i understand some spanish, but their are a couple of words used that have several meanings that for my limited knowledge can give the contex of the post two meanings. Ive tried my best to cover both aspects, and asked to elaborate more. I gave out a translator address so it can be used to convert spanish to english so Pliar can understand other replies in english. Pilar hasnt replied since listing the post.
    Maybe you'd be better equipped at understanding :)


  4. Saoirse3

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    Google translate and I think my. Kindle can translate as well. I. wish there was an app for ME! Good grief there is even one for potty training!