Anyone Take Feverfew?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by abcanada, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    Just wondering if anyone has had success with feverfew for migraines. Thanks for any input, Laura
  2. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    i tried it but had no luck with it. it's worth trying and can't hurt really. try it for a little while, if it works great and if it doesn't no harm done. good luck.
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  3. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    i tried it for 3 months and it did nothing for my headaches or migraines. But it is worth a try if it's cheap enough. It must work for some people as they still advertise it for headaches etc..?
  4. TKE

    TKE New Member

    I take it off & on for migraines. I used to get them almost daily. Doc rx'd me a script for a migraine med. 6 pills cost me $100.00 & I had to take 2 to get rid of the migraine. Couldn't afford it so I went searching for something natural.

    I purchased a bottle of feverfew & took it according to the directions...1 capsule 3 x's a day, as it takes time to build in your system. After that I took 1 capsule 1 time per day. Even with vitamins I try to take as low a dose as possible. I also go off them from time to time to let my body clear it's self.

    As with any supplement, including herbs, some can take them & some can not. Some they help & others they do not. It's worth a try tho if they help.
  5. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Was prescribed by my (then) Neurologist. Not for treatment but for preventative. It did help a lot. Best thing for Migraine, is figuring out what triggers them for you and avoiding. haha, easier said than done right?

    For years I knew that almost every Migraine I had was on a day I had eaten at Taco Bell. But, this only happened maybe every 10 times I ate there and couldn't make sense why not all the time? YEARS trying to figure it out. Was it the few times I would get a soda? a different menue item? FINALLY, I figured it out! I usually get their HOT sauce, but once in a while I would get their FIRE. FIRE is guaranteed to give me a migraine.

    The ABSOLUTELELY worst migraine I EVER had, and landed in hospital, I had no idea what caused it. Doc in ER asked did I have any chocolate, that he feels chocolate triggers most peoples migraines. Well I have always eaten chocolate and it never bothered me. I had had hot chocolate that day, and zillons of other times, and it never bothered me. Next day, I go to reach for a package of hot chocolate and realize, OH, my aunt had been given DIET hot cocoa packages in her meals on wheels lunches, (she is dibetic) and she doesn't use them and had given them to me, since I drink hot cocoa sporadically. Didn't realize it has SPLENDA in it. Worst MIGRAINE I ever had.

    Just last week I bought Microwave Kettle Corn. Luckily my son read the ingredients, as it contained SUCRALOSE (Splenda). Things you don't suspect have hidden triggers.

    So, it really is worth the effort to keep a diary on the days you have migraine, with EXACTLY what you had that day and yesterday. If you had different flavored coffee creamer, cakemix with colored sprinkles, changed your brand of salsa, at deli meat, SOMETHING is triggering these.

    I am able to use Excedrine Migraine or Advil Migraine to get rid of the Migraine IF I take it early in the first few hours.
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  6. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    Thanks for all of your replies! Laura
  7. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    Its in some vitamins that I take. Seems to help.
  8. kbak

    kbak Member

    There's this one site that advertises that you don't have to pay for their headanche remedy till you've tried it and it takes away the headache.

    Was thinking of maybe getting it for my daughter cause she has bad headaches. It's called "headache stay gone". You can goggle it. It just sounded intresting. If it's something that works well it would be nice to know.


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