Anyone take Geodon ? Bad side effects

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    Anyone have side effects from Geodon ?They think this is what has caused my nipple to Bleed Red Blood .Its been doing this for 9 months.They are not telling me anything to stop it.would you ask your doctors what they would do ?

    I do not want to have this, it is very upsetting specially with no end in site.
  2. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    I do not take Geodon personally, but my daughter takes Abilify, which is in the same class as Geodon and Risperdal. The reason she was prescribed Abilify was that the doc said Geodon can cause heart problems.

    I don't know about the nipple bleed; I would check with a doctor on that.

    ((((((Hugs)))))and Good Luck,
  3. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

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