Anyone take ribose or brown seaweed extract?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Saoirse3, Sep 5, 2012.

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    I was reading a website which said that the 7 most important and helpful supplements for ME were magnesium (got that one), vitamin D (take lots of that), Omega 3,6.9 (get PLENTY of fish oil! It IS Alaska! lol!), B-complex (take that), Sam-E (never did a thing for me), Ribose (this is a new one!) and Brown Seaweed Extract (new one also!)

    I was rather surprised to NOT see grapeseed extract (wouldn't be without) or Turmeric, as these are really supposed to help with inflammation.

    Ribose and brown seaweed, I know nothing about. Eons ago, I used to take something called "sea veg" and it was great for energy. I'm wondering if these two will help with that. Right now I feel like I have been dragged behind the Alaska Railroad most days!

    Anybody take these or have taken them?

    Soft hugs,
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    d-ribose is a simple sugar which helps cells produce ATP, a source of fuel or energy for the cells. I started taking it about 7 years ago on my doctor's recommendation. I initially felt a boost in energy though that eased off, but it could just be that I got used to it. I still take it, about 3 teaspoons a day. I buy the bulk size as it's cheaper than capsules. Dr. Sarah Myhill in hte UK recommends adding it to your coffee or tea as caffeine increases its effect.

    Re d-ribose and diabetes: I just did a little on-line research and see that it actually has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, and has even been considered by some as a potential treatment for diabetes. If you have diabetes, ask your doctor about it, or do some research, but it appears to be quite safe for diabetics.

    Have you looked into the methylation protocol? It might help with your energy. Also, my energy picked up when I started a B12 protocol by Freddd of the Phoenix Rising board (see - Freddd's protocol involves taking folate (NOT FOLIC ACID), B12 (methylcobalamin) and another form of B12, dibencozide. My energy noticeably picked up after starting this. However, I found after a couple of days, as Freddd had predicted, that my potassium levels dropped a lot, causing severe fatigue. This was because the protocol caused new cells to be formed, which greatly increased the need for potassium, and I now take a potassium supplement daily. Rich's methylation protocol has the potential for the same effect.

  3. mbofov

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    You're right about the label - mine says the same thing. I am sure they are just being cautious because d-ribose is a type of sugar.

    However, if you do some on-line research, you will find there have been studies showing that d-ribose can increase insulin levels and lower blood sugar, surprisingly enough. But I'm not recommending that Stacey try it without her doctor's approval. But I would recommend that Stacey do her own research and take it to the doctor.

    You know how behind most doctors are re nutrition and supplements etc. so we have to do our own research. And it looks like d-ribose really might be good for type 2 diabetics.

  4. holistics1

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    Of course, you should always check with your MD, but, we hopefully also know our bodies better. I have had ME/CFS for more than 20 years, and was diagnosed with Diabetes within the last 3 years (after menopause). D-Ribose has helped lift my energy. Because I also now have heart muscle weakness issues, and many Cardiologists are now recommending d-Ribose (as a result of key research), I have upped my dosage according to levels suggested by the research.

    As a diabetic, I have not noticed any significant reduction in blood sugar levels by simply taking the d-Ribose. I am now taking 20-30 grams/day. So, from my own anecdotal experience, I would say the labels come with warnings, but the blood sugar reduction may not be significant enough to pose any danger -- unless your blood sugar is on the low end of the spectrum, bordering on hypoglycemic, which mine is not.

    I would still be cautious, and start out slowly to test it. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum recommends 5 grams of d-Ribose 2x/day for chronic fatigue.

    Although my energy has not totally turned around with d-Ribose (probably due to other health issues which have emerged), and I wouldn't say I feel fantastic, I notice when I don't take d-Ribose, there is a noticeable slump in my energy. D-Ribose helps me feel more motivated and balanced; willing and able to move forward with some plans instead of being down for the count.

    Hope that helps.
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    Several years ago I went to a fibromyalgia treatment center with high hopes of gaining insight on how best to cope with fms. I was given dribose to help with pain and low energy. Since I have many allergies I usually start a new supplement by taking half the recommended dose. After just 3 days taking 1/2 the dosage I developed severe headaches and vomiting accompanied by neck pain on the left side of my neck. I am not diabetic though I had access to a glucose testing kit. My glucose was 50. I became concerned considering the horrible headaches and neck pain so I called the clinic and they felt this was of no concern and I should continue taking Ribose. Just to be sure my symptoms were caused by Dribose I waited 2 weeks then tried the supplement again. The painful neck and headaches returned once again. I have no idea why I reacted so badly to dribose. When I told the doctor about this he acted as if I was just being difficult and humiliated me with sarcastic comments. Needless to say I lost all confidence in Fibromyalgia Treatment Centers and discontinued dusiness with them. I believe they are taking advantage of desperate folks seeking a remedy to this very painful condition. What I have found to be very helpful are moderate exercise, stretching, massage therapy, chiropractic adjusments and a healthy diet eating as natural as possible. No junk food of any sort. No soft drinks either. Also Fibro Care is a great supplement to help with sleep. It has a combination of malic acid, magnesium and a few vitamins. Distributed by a company called TYH...To Your Heallth. It comes in capsule or tablet form. Capsules are best since they dissolves quickly without stomach upset. Best to take at bedtime. Hope this helps!

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