Anyone take the drug Provigil And Disability

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nonna03, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. nonna03

    nonna03 New Member

    My doctor wants me to start taking the drug Provigil, its suppose to help with energy. Have never heard of this before and wandered if anyone had any feedback. I know it can affect your heart. I have had heart palpatations all my life, I told the doctor this and he didnt seem concerned. My question is should I be concerned. And one other thing. How long does a doctor usually wait before they decide to put you on disability. Im 38 and have been sick for 2 years with diabetes, thyroid, severe depression and now fibromyalgia. Ive worked 2 months in 2 years and I need help financially. How long will he wait with me being so young and all. Any advice or feedback will be helpful.
  2. snow_white1920

    snow_white1920 New Member

    In the US your doctor doesn't decide whether you should apply for disability, as the way I understand it. I approached my doctor about 18 months ago and he did not support it, so I hung on. BTW I am 37 right now. I approached him again 6 months ago because not only was work very difficult (though I was only working one day a week) but I was also having difficulty (well YOU KNOW) with my husband. He then agreed that it was now time, four weeks later I just couldn't do it anymore and retired from my job of 10yrs.

    So my advice is approach your doctor to see if he will support you in your decision to file. It is not necessary for him to agree but... it does make it a lot easier!

    Hope this helps!
  3. jsshutt

    jsshutt Member

    get a lawyer who specializes in CFS and FYBRO cases to gather all your dr's information and tell youu what to do next. He will get 1/3 of your last 2 years back pay but it is worth it to have him handle your dr.

    dont wait.
    good luck
  4. leanie

    leanie New Member

    I was taking provigil when i was tired all the time, even after naps. It acts like speed to me, my friend notice i was talking alot and very happy. I'm told that after being up all day, you are able to sleep at night. I stopped taking it because i felt uncomfortable taking uppers and pain med. I don't want to hurt myself, also it cost to much (i did'nt have ins.) you could give it a try, if you don't like the way it makes you feel stop.

    Also filing for ssd is up to you, your doc.will have all your medical info. so make sure he in on the same page with whats wrong with you and that he feel you can't work. check in to disabilty link on this web at the home page.

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    notice weightloss from the provigil...i am hopeing for that as well enought energy to get my hinny in the gym or swimming and weight lifting again....

    i am getting concerned i have not done what i would do for my body because of nerve pain from neck,back, and the shingles i got in february this year....oh yeah i have congential ankle problems that has caused extreme foot pain . taking surgery for that now, and the ankle jolts of nerve pain....

    yikes provigil i hope will make a difference right?

  6. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Provigil (modafinil) reduces the release of gaba throughout the brain, and more significally, in the regions of the brain related to sleep.

    Very important for some, provigil has a dopamine - independent mechanism .... meaning it does not increase dopamine release or act on dopamine neurons like amphetamines do. It is not "speed".

    Provigil will not effect sleep or appetite / weight. ( As in keeping you from eating or sleeping hours on end.) It works on the wake/sleep cycle in the brain .... the cerebral cortex.

    People with CFS/FM have a dysfunctional hypothalamus ... which explains our dysfnctional cerebral cortex and sleep disorders.

    Provigil is used often for people with narcolepsy as their daytime therapy ... another well documented cerebral cortex disorder. The second half of their treatment therapy addresses the sleep phase.

    I've taken provigil for quite a while now and it has been an effect tool against excessive daytime sleepiness. I have taken different doses on the days that I took it at all. It was such an effective rx for me that I did not want to become used to it.

    Along those lines, I alternate days between provigil and adderall. They both help EDS greatly, but they are different. My plan all along was to not get used to either one ... leaving me 2 options in EDS treatment indefinately.

    My dose is anywhere between 100mgs to 400mgs on days that I take it ... varying everything ... ie. 200 at once, or spead out through afternoon.

    I hope this helps some. I would hate for someone not to try it for fear of taking "speed" ... and the stereotype surrounding it.

    It is designed to help your excesive sleepiness, not your energy ... meaning you won't have the strength of ten men, but you will be able to keep your eyes open longer then if you didn't take it.

    As with many rx'es and CFS/FM. Provigil works great for some and not for others. That seems to be a constant with us.

    Take care,


  7. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    and LOVIN' it!!!

    Someone said that it doesn't affect appetite, but my appetite definitely seems to decrease when I take it. I'm not saying that they're wrong, because it could be "all in my head", or whatever. I don't stop eating altogether, but I don't think about food or eating as much. I have lost some weight due to this and one other thing......

    Someone else said that Provigil won't give you energy, but it certainly does me! Once again, I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong, but we are all different. Our DD's are different for each of us, as are our reactions to the meds we take, etc.

    It's quite possible, I realize, that in case studies and 99.9% of the population included in that study, etc... however they figure that stuff out..... lol.... but maybe in MOST people who take Provigil their appetites and energy levels aren't affected, but mine certainly are! And those are the 2 reasons I'm losing weight; I'm much more active now, and I eat a lot less!

    My doctor has me on 200 mg per day, which helped a lot at first, but I have a REALLY high tolerance for meds, so the effectiveness of that started to wear off after awhile. So I doubled my own dosage (400 mg per day total), and that works wonders!!! I asked my doc to double my prescription because of this, but he said that he can't because the legal limit of Provigil is 200 mg per day. I don't know if that's a state thing or what, but anyway, that's what he told me. So now I try not to take it AT ALL on most days, but on the days I REALLY NEED it because I'm going to be very busy, out all day, whatever, I take 2. If I run out of Provigil before I'm allowed to get a refill, I just have to "deal with it" until I'm allowed to get more.

    Anyway, I don't know how (or even IF) it affects the heart; no one in my family has heart problems, so I never ask or research those things. I also don't know anything about the disability issue, since I have not talked to my dr. about it YET, but I DO know that the others are right when they tell you that filing for disability is YOUR call. YOU file WHEN YOU feel it's necessary, and you should TRY to get your doctor's endorsement on it, but you can still file with or without that. If he won't go for it, use a lawyer that specializes in CFS/FM like someone else said, or maybe even "shop around" for a different Dr. IF you have to! Easier said than done, I know, but that's what a few people have had to do; doesn't mean you will have that problem; there are many different things your doctor will have to consider (ALL health problems you have and how or if each of those can affect your ability to work, etc. etc. etc.) before he decides whether or not to support and help you on this, and SOME doctors (just a few) are just pigheaded, uncooperative jerks when it comes to disability.....

    There are a lot of different factors to be looked at that can determine different things. Going through the process of applying for disability and GETTING it can be a nightmare!!! Not necessarily where the doctor is concerned, but just the whole process/logistics/BS involved with the people running Social Security and the other people in charge of approving disability, etc. etc. etc. Be prepared.

    Aaaaaanyway, sorry this was kinda lenghty; I'm done now! lol
    Good luck with the Provigil, the disability issue, and everything else and take care!


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  8. XKathiX

    XKathiX New Member

    and she has mitro valve prolapse. The doc is not concerned with it increasing her palpitations. She said so far it hasn't and the only thing she has noticed is that it's hard to sit still but then by 2 in the afternoon she kind of crashes. But she just started in a week and a half ago, so she is still getting acclimated.

  9. Jgavi

    Jgavi New Member


    Provigil is a good drug for SOME people. It is strong if your sensitive to "speed type meds".

    I take it and it helps a bunch- it will cause some side effects, if you take it to late in the day you may not get to sleep- I never take it pass 12 noon.

    Also it constipates me.

    Trying a low does of 100 mgs a day is a good start than you can go up in mgs if you need to.

    Its very expensive, hope you have coverage, if not they do have a patient assist program.

    As we all know all meds effect each of us differently- baby steps! But i would try it since it helps the energy we lack so much.

  10. tcluna

    tcluna New Member

    at higher doses does act on dopamine causing an amphetamine type effect, though much less. similar to ritalin
  11. angeljoe

    angeljoe New Member

    I started taking Provigil about six months ago. At first I think it was a little to strong for be. It game me a nervous anxiety feeling. I starting cutting the 100mg in half and taking them about thirty minutes apart. Now I take it all at once and feel less fatigued. I recently ask my doctor to up my dosage a bit. I feel less tired now and have a tremdous amount of energy compared to before the provigil. My fatigue was so bad, I would stay in bed almost all day. I am especially careful with the meds because they are particularly strong for me. I haven't lost weight with the provigil, but I also take cymbalta (makes you gain). I too have a thyroid problem. I have hypothyroidism. I would recommend the provigil to you. Just try it out and see if it helps. You should talk to your physican about not being able to work. Then contact an attorney thats familiar with Fibro and chronic fatigue. Good luck on the disability thing.
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  12. elsa

    elsa New Member

    About energy and appetite/weight loss ....

    Was trying to show the difference between amphetamine and provigil ...

    I also think of energy as in muscle strength ... or central nervous system .... Thus the "strength of ten men" analogy

    The primary mechanism for provigil being wake /sleep cycle I just don't associate that with energy ... I associate it with being awake.

    As for the appetite and weight, I guess you are right in that it will curb your appetite ... not going to let you stick your head in the fridge and graze .... but it won't keep you from eating for 8-10-12 hours like amphetamine possibly can.

    Semantics ... It's a good drug for excessive daytime sleepiness ... which is good news for alot of us ... But that is how it is for me ... I'm awake vs sleepy ... from a different mechanism, not wired with nervous energy like speed can do to some.

    I do have adderall, like I mentioned previously, ... it is amphetamine ... when I compare how the two differ in how they work on me, provigil seems to be a different drug altogether ... but both help control my excessive daytime sleepiness .... which is what we want.

    I don't mind being called by name, asked to clearify or even disagree on something ... Being mentioned as "someone saying" or "someone said" tickled me ... kinda like you've got a secret or somethin'.

    Hope this makes more sense .... both drugs do their job for me ... I guess each who are interested should just give it a try and see ...

    Take care,

  13. wildkat2004

    wildkat2004 New Member

    I take provigil but for some reason it makes me sleepy. It also gives me the runs and the lost of my appetite. I still have not figured out how it is supposed to work. I cannot buy the pills b/c I don't have insurance. However, I did qualify for the patient assistance program. Does anyone have similar experience with provigil? I also have the problem of agorophobia with this medicine.

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