Anyone take Zestril for heart/kidney?Mad/HRN?

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    Yesterday when I saw my GP she added zestril
    5 mg to my ziac because I had a high microalbumin

    I researched it yesterday prior to getting it filled
    and it said that you had to be very careful if
    you take bee or wasp venom to prevent
    future reactions. My father and aunt were/is
    allergic to bee stings so I am afraid to take it.
    I tend to have many of my father's genes and I also
    get allergic to everything.

    I have a call into my dr/s office to see if she
    can give me another ace inhibitor. The pharmacist
    said if I did take it to take it in the dr's office.

    I am not going to ask for trouble when I already
    have tons of it! LOL

    Anyone else?
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    Can't help, but am giving you a bump back to the first page, maybe someone else is familiar with this drug.

    Also, I would sure listen to your pharmacist, they know drugs better than the doctors do.

    Shalom, Shirl
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