Anyone take Zoloft AND sleep at nite? Problems sleeping at nite!

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals for ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia' started by bretzie, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. bretzie

    bretzie Member


    So, does anyone here take Zoloft and sleep at night? Or know of someone who does?

    I'm in hell, yep that's my new address. For the last 5 years my inability to sleep at night has become a real hell. I'm on Zoloft (100mg-200mg as needed/day).

    Zoloft was the ONLY anti-d that lifted my long term, severe clinical depression. I've taken it since 1993. Before that dozens of anti-d's didn't work. I'm terrified of getting off Zoloft for two reasons: 1) I may not be able to find another anti-d that will work and 2) often if you get off a successful anti-d and try to get back on, it DOESN'T WORK anymore. Had that happen when I was on Nardil.

    I don't think I can risk a return of severe clinical depression. My inability to sleep at night has only been going on for about 5 years (yeah "only" haha).

    I feel I have no choice but to take Zoloft . Have tried natural stuff, all sorts of things, other anti-d's before it. Was in the hospital for two awful months before I got onto Zoloft.

    I'd love to know if anyone IS on Zoloft and manages to sleep at night.

    Many thanks
    Desperate in NY

  2. bretzie

    bretzie Member

    Thanks Jam,

    I don't know if you're ever had endless clinical depression while having your hypothyroid treated? I went through a great deal of stress my whole life, had depression since I was a kid. It got beyond livable when I was in my 30's. Tried all the natural things, went to a naturopath ... did ZIP.

    I know you're not for Zoloft, but I depend on it to keep out of that terrible black hole. I've mentioned that I've tried other Anti-D's and they did not work. The 2nd MAJOR factor is that often once off an Anti-D, if you try to go back on, it doesn't work anymore. I simply cannot go through this again. Not all depressions respond to natural things.

    I'm going back to my CFIDS MD for thyroid and other tests. Saliva test for DHEA, Adrenals, Melatonin, etc. I appreciate your input but we can't all walk the same walk.

    A friend of mine with awful fibroid pain does take Zoloft and also meds to sleep at night. She understands that I can't go off Zoloft and keep my sanity. Would love to hear from anyone else who takes Zoloft and CAN sleep at night.

  3. joanierav

    joanierav Member

    hi bretzie. i wouldnt go off any med that was helping me. there are so few things that we hit on that helps us. and when we do find one, its like a small miracle.

    i took zoloft when i was first dx with cfs, yrs ago. i was not depressed, it was given to me for my fatigue, and it worked for 2 yrs. i mention this, because i was also given sleeping meds at the same time. so you can take sleep meds with the zoloft. it was so long ago, that ive forgotten what med it was. but im thinking it was a tranquilizer .

    as you know from this site, and listening to other members, we must get our insomnia fixed. and that almost becomes a full time job in itself.

    good luck , hon. joanie
  4. bretzie

    bretzie Member

    Hi Joanie,

    You took Zoloft for fatigue? WOW. Never helped mine. I suffer from extreme clinical depression which is worse than any insomnia believe me. Zoloft has kept that in check. I do have some bad trips to despair thanks to CFIDS, but that is world's better than what I had before.

    I am going to try Klonopin but I suspect strongly that we, who cannot sleep at night, have disrupted hormonal things going on ... Cortisol, DHEA, etc. I don't think sleeping pills are the total answer.

    I cannot become clinically depressed (and believe me I've changed anti-d's and slid right down into that pit) by going off Zoloft to relieve reverse sleep. Simply can't risk it. Absolutely must continue Zoloft AND work on other things at the same time. No one who has been cursed with this kind of hideous depression would disagree.

    Be well.
  5. joanierav

    joanierav Member

    hi bretzie. i absolutely agree with you that sleeping pills are not the total answer, but they have worked short term for me. very shortly i build up intolerance to those kind of meds. its a merry go round with sleep meds for me. im constantly changing them when i build up intolerance.. luckily i have a doc that works with me and understands the severity of sleep deprivation.

    again, so glad the zoloft still works for you.

    hugs, joanie
  6. bretzie

    bretzie Member

    Hey Joan,

    Zoloft has worked for me for a very very long time. I think the answer is to get ALL our hormones tested correctly (meaning saliva tests for many). Here in NYC, very few doctors who do bio-identical hormones accept Medicare. And that's my only insurance. I will ask my CFIDS doc when I get to see hm if he knows any rare souls who do work with bio-identical hormones AND accept Medicare. I swear, it's unfair how much hard work we, who are so ill, have to do to find help. BUT I have a friend in Sweden and it's even WORSE there.

    Hope you're good and can find that solution for this sleep nonsense.

    hugs back
  7. Endersan

    Endersan Member

    I feel I have no choice but to take Zoloft . Have tried natural stuff, all sorts of things, other anti-d's before it. Was in the hospital for two awful months before I got onto Zoloft.
  8. Barb1617

    Barb1617 Member

    I Have taken everything and I can assure you that Zoloft and melatonin can be taken together and not harm you in any way. My husband and several friends take Zoloft and it doesn't affect their sleep at all. Melatonin is not a drug so you can take it as directed.

    Here I am at 4:27, or so it says at the top of my IPad, spending another night finding something to do
    And sleeping all day or being a Zombie.

    This is my first time here so I hope I have helped. We have so much to worry about, I promise the medication you're taking isn't one of them.;)
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