anyone taking Coenzyme Q10 and Vit B12...any benefits??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Julie24, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Julie24

    Julie24 New Member

    Hi my doctor told me today to take coenzyme q10 and vitamin b12 for energy sinc ei have been sleeping alot and no energy...very very sick of it...Just wondering if anyone is taking these and if they saw any benefits????? Thanks so much....everyone take care and God bless!!!
  2. equanimous

    equanimous New Member

    First of all, you could always get your blood levels of coq10 and vit B12 checked if you want to know if you have a real deficiency. My coq10 levels were extremely low and when I first started supplementing them, I felt a boost of energy that then disappeared. Still, I think it was important for me to address the deficiency, so I'd say it's a necessary supplement for regaining energy but not sufficient. As for B vitamins, I'm starting the methylation protocol right now, and I think it might be improving my energy levels a little bit. Hard to say.

  3. dmholmes

    dmholmes New Member

    Are you taking active (methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin) or inactive (cyanocobalmin, hydroxycobalmin) B12s? For the active B12 protocol I am doing CoQ10 is not recommended.
  4. Julie24

    Julie24 New Member

    Hi , im taking a supplement of B12 the pill form 1200 mg/day with another supplement by capsule 60mg coenzyme q10.....does that make a difference?
  5. dmholmes

    dmholmes New Member

    There are 4 kinds of B12. If you aren't sure which you are taking, and you live in the US it is probably cyanocobalamin. I don't think there would be any problem taking it with CoQ10, but it is not a very beneficial B12. This B12 protocol has been a lifesaver for many:
  6. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    I am taking both and think both are helpful. You should take a B-vitamin complex along with the B-12 (or any individual B vitamin). Taking a supplement of just one B vitamin can cause deficiencies in others. B-12 taken alone is particularly bad about causing folic acid deficiency.

    I have also convinced my mother to take a B-complex and CoQ10. It appears to help her.
  7. dmholmes

    dmholmes New Member

    Just a hunch, but guessing the B12 injections were not methylcobalamin? 2 of the B12s are very useful, 1 is somewhat useful, the last is useless.
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  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hi Julie,

    The problem with this question - or any here, for that matter - is that every body is different. What helps me may not do one thing for you and visa versa. Expensive trial and error is the only way I've found to make any progress and even that isn't steady.

    That said, I take CoQ-10 - 30 mg every other day along with Red Rice Yeast 1140 mgs 2x daily and Cod Liver Oil softgels - 390 mgs 1x daily for high cholesterol. My NP recommended it instead of statins and it's done wonders!

    After doing some research, I found just what others are telling you here, that the standard B-12 given by injection and in most supplements must be converted by the body. Methylcobalamin, one of the four types of B-12, has rapid transit and especially helps the brain. I use a sublingual since tablets of anything don't work as well for me, and I take anywhere from 1/2 to a full tiny lozenge daily. If I want to crank it up, I take the full 5,000 mcg.

    The other winner for me has been vitamin D-3 but I must be careful with that. It will give me more energy but taking 1,000 mg daily for more than three days straight interferes with my sleep.

    Still, I have days that, for no apparent reason, that I'm very fatigued. I suspect subliminal stress is the culprit but who knows?

    See what I mean about every body being different??

    Good luck in your search for YOUR right combination.

  9. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    Hello Julie24, I take CoQ10 150 milligrams a day. I do not take Vitamin B12. The CoQ10 does help with energy, but not at all for pain. Pain is my main issue with FM, low energy is a problem too, but not half as much as pain.

    Keep in mind, CoQ10 is VERY expensive. I take Andrew Lessman's CoQ10 because I believe he has the best supplements ever, you can get his supplements on HSN or through his website.

    I buy it in bulk, 500 capsules which will last me almsot two years, but it is over $200.00 for that amount. I won't be without it. I don't know if you have FM or CFS, but this supplement is good for everyone. Another thing to keep in mind, CoQ10 does not have a quick effect on the body, like some drugs do, instead it works slowly. I noticed an increase in energy and stamina only after 6 weeks of taking this stuff, and also everyone is different, you may notice it sooner or later than I did, or maybe not at all.

    This is the frustrating part about FM, I searched for years (and continue to search) for anything that will help me get through the day. Good luck :) Hugs, Chelz.
  10. Julie24

    Julie24 New Member

    i have been taking b12 vitamin 1200mg a day and i think im seing a little difference in my fatigue...not to sure yet..because at times i feel bored so i tend to sleep but i force q10 is not expensive here i belive i paid 13 or 15 dollars for a month hearing alot about the sublingual b12 and how it acts faster...but i just bought the b12 cyanocobalamin but i ws told afterwards from this site that i needed to buy b12 methylcobalamine which obsorbs faster..but i have already 80 tablets that i will have to finish first...also i take vit D3 1000 mcg a day..i cannot wait to see if there will be a big difference because if this is all it took all these yrs ill be one happy woman!!!! im tired of being tired with no energy...

    Can vitamin B12 if taken too much of mg be harmful??? does anyone know?? because what if the 1200 mcg is not enough can i up the dosage???

    thanks so much everyone for all the response much appreciated....

  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    Dr. Cheney (CFS doc) takes 10,000 mcgs a day himself!

    I used to derive a great benefit from B-12 injectsions. Took 5,000mcgs three times a week.

    After I started taking the Transfer Factors, the B-12 didn't help. Yet after a few years, I became almost unable to stay awake for longer than 2 hours.

    Dr. Cheney recommends raw foods and juices to get as much RNA and DNA in our bodies. They should be as fresh out of the ground as you can get. So, I started eating organic baby spiniach salads (with boiled egg, bacon, onion, ranch dressing for lunch and a small one with just onion with dinner. I have started waking up more normally again.

    I still take NADH and have for 18 years (sold here, might could get it elsewhere cheaper). It is a godsend to me.

    And, I take 5 mg of ritalin at 4 pm ( says that it is used in CFS experimentally. Took that info to my doc and he rxed it).

    Back to the B-12 being harmful...I don't think so but I think he discusses it in his research letter and I will check it out late tonite and let you know.

  12. karynwolfe

    karynwolfe New Member

    Julie, Co-Q-10 is part of how your cells create energy, so it's especially helpful if they have a problem doing that. However, you need high doses, things like 300-600mg per day, so doses in the HUNDREDS not the dozens. When you get to that amount, it can be very expensive. And even then, it's better to get Ubiquinol, which is what co-q-10 is converted to within your body; saves your body from havign to covert it. (But I take regular co-q-10 and it's still helpful, so.) But again, though it's helpful, can be very expensive and it is not covered by most insurances unless you have Mitochondrial disease.

    B12 has never helped me and both my B12 and Folate are normal, so I can't offer advice to that.

    If you can afford a 2 or 3 week supply of co-q-10 you should be able to tell if it helps your energy levels. If not, move on.

    Looking back at your posts it seems like you have a lot of problems that are not associated with FM. Be sure to get checked for Lyme via western blot, especially with those lesions on your MRI.

    ~ Karyn
  13. dmholmes

    dmholmes New Member

    Julie, cyanocobalamin is very inferior to methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. It can even be harmful to your vision in an isolated scenario.

    There is great discussion, helpful individuals, and some expert advice on these two forums:

    The basic info for active B12, what most people do wrong, and what to do correct is here:

    The short story is most people don't use the active forms of B12, don't use effective brands, and don't use the other essential supplements. It's not their fault, as you read you'll see that B12 deficiency is overlooked by doctors and labs because they only look for one kind (pernicious anemia).

    Take care,
  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Checked Cheney's site. Couldn't find his info on B-!2 being toxic...very sorry about that. You could probably do a google. I know that B-12 can have an excellent effect on the brain.

    You have gotten some very good advice here. We are all different in how we respond and trying things is a norm for a lot of us.

    Dr. Cheney has a machine that measures how a med works, good or bad, when put as a gel on the skin. He formerly was a huge fan of Co Q10 but now has found that some patients do have good results but other do not.

    I know this isn't much help from me but read what the others have said. They have given some good advice.


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