Anyone taking Digestive Enzymes?......

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    Dear All,

    I've read that Digestive Enzymes can help some of us as referenced in the below Email I received. Anyone here tried
    digestive Enzymes?


    I also find many patients need digestive help and especially those with FMS. There are several ways to approach the problem. You can take a general digestive enzyme and see if that helps or you can try to figure out
    what exactly you are having problems digesting: protein, carbs or fats.

    If your problem is associated with high fat foods then you need a product that assists with either fat digestion or increases the release of bile. Protein digestion usually requires acid and many people are deficient. Supplements are sold that contain HCl and are generally safe to take if you do not have an ulcer. Carbohydrates are helped in their digestion by papaya enzyme, pancreatin, bromelain, and other enzymes.

    A general digestive enzyme will have some of all of all of these. Quality is a big issue with digestive enzymes and HCl. Get the best brand you can find, ask if you do not know.

    I must say here that many many people have some to all of their digestive problems go away when they decrease their starchy and surgery carbs. The hypoglycemia diet can work miracles.

    Happy digesting,
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    I have been taking them for seeral months now. One of the things I noticed almost immediately was an improvement in my IBS-C. Here is what they contain, acording to the store: Vital Enzymes™ overcomes this problem by providing potent levels of the enzymes betaine, HCL, bromelain (from pineapples,) Papain (from papaya) pepsin, and pancreatin.

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    I took Similase for several weeks. It has Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase, Phytase, Lactase, Sucrase, Maltase. It completely destroyed my stomach -- I ended up walking walking walking all night one night with the worst acid stomach I've ever had. While I'm prone to that type of thing, neither my doc or I ever expected it. Anyway, just a caution!
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    I started around 4 months ago.They do seem to help with my IBS symptoms~(less pain,bloating)I'm gonna continue them~ I've read several articles on their importance.And I think everyone would benifit.Our bodies are lacking enzymes to help break down food.
    Best of luck to all!