anyone taking magnesium??

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    Hi was planning on purchasing magnesium for pain and fatigue...does this vitamin help at all?? and what about coq10????

    what vitamins are worth buying for fatigue and pain..???

    thanks in advance

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    Magnesium is a mineral. Most people are deficient in it so it is a good thing to supplement. Some forms of magnesium are not very good because they are not very absorbable by the body. It's one thing to take mag, but you have to pay attention to what form of mag you take. This is true with many vitamins and minerals. I use magnesium malate because it has malic acid in it which is known to help reduce pain and also help to reduce lactic acid. I also like mag glycinate and mag taurate. Try to avoid mag oxide. This is a very cheap form that is used in laxatives because it tends to pass through the body rather than being absorbed. You'll find that this is the form that is commonly used in laxatives.

    Coq10 is a metabolite that the body makes and is part of the energy cycle so taking it will help with energy. But you should probably take the other substances involved in the Krebs cycle along with it. They all work together to make ATP, the body's energy molecule, and you can really tell a difference when you take them all together. There is a really excellent article explaining how they work. It's called Heart Disease Secondary to Mitochondrial Malfunction. Don't let the reference to heart disease throw you off, it's more related to our problem of lack of energy. The substances are NADH, carnitine, ribose, magnesium and coq10.

    NADH is a bioactive form of one of the B vitamins. It's always better to take the bioactive forms because they are already in a form that is used by the body, otherwise the liver has to convert them and our livers are already having problems with everything. I like Country Life Coenzyme B Complex - it really packs a punch! Also, you might consider finding a folate pill you like, like Folapro. Folic acid is often described as folate, but the folate is when the folic acid is converted for use by the body. Big difference. I noticed immediate rise in energy when I started with Folapro. But I was also taking all these other energy cycle substances.

    Ribose is a sugar the body makes, use caution if you have hypoglycemia. Coq10 should be in a gel cap form, NOT a powder capsule. And carnitine should be in the form of acetyl l carnitine for maximum absorption. Mag we already covered. Here's a link to the article. Just keep reading and doing your homework and learn everything you can about vitamins, minerals and metabolites that are involved in the energy cycles of the body. You can effectively manipulate the body with supplements if you can figure out which ones you are deficient in.

    Another important coenzyme in the body required for energy is coenzyme A. It requires calcium, magnesium, carnitine and cysteine (well, cystine, the oxidized version but that's getting too complicated for here), pantethine and calcium pyruvate. Pantethine is the bioactive form of B5 or pantothenic acid, and can be purchased. Also, calcium pyruvate is a sugar the body makes and can be purchase. I had great results with a product called Coenzyme A which contained all these things, but it was expensive and I found I was already taking most of the ingredients, anyway. So I just purchased the pantethine and calcium pyruvate and added them to the others I was already taking.

    You can formulate a plan of attack on finding out what exactly is causing your problems and getting over it by reading through the protocols at Just be prepared to use a real health care professional as opposed to a medical doctor. They are just drug salesmen and can't really help us. We need diet and supplement recommendations based on testing and they don't do that.

    good luck

    oh, almost forgot, here's the link to the "Heart Disease . . . " article:
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    Magnesium and CoQ10 helpful in helping with my muscles. I also take Acetyl L-Carnitine for the Graves' Disease. I have had success with using Vitamin D3 as well.

    Take care... :)
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    The company that sponsors this forum, ProHealth has many supplements in their catalog that are formulated for fibromyalgia. Their fibro freedom capsules have helped me. The contain magnesium hydroxide as well as other supplements. I also take their multi vitamins for fibro, Fibro Complete. I use their ProEnzyme for digestive issues. Fibro patients are often low in vitamin D. I have had my levels tested & now take 800 IUs of D3. I just started taking their Think Clear. I am only on day 3, so we'll see if it helps.
    I cannot say enough good things about ProHealth & their products. The only pharmacuetical that I currently take is Cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxer. That & the Fibro Freedom have allowed me to sleep at night.