Anyone Taking More than This???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by abcanada, Nov 26, 2006.

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    My doc prescribes me 100 Percocet and it only lasts me about 14 -16 days. Taking them is the difference as to whether I can even get out of bed or not. My doc has been understanding to date and has prescribed me this many for about 6-8 weeks now. She and I both feel that someday we hope to find another drug that works for my pain. I'm still experimenting so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Any way I take 2 about every 4 hours on bad days which has been almost everyday for the last 2 months. I know some docs won't give any out and I feel sorry for those that need them and aren't getting them. I've been there before.
    It honestly took awhile to raelize in my own mind how much pain I was actually in. I'd had 4 natural births, so when you start comparing your every day pain to that, it's seriouos. Anyway I'm sure to some this may seem like alot, but is anyone else taking this much pain killers??? My dose is 5mg Oxycodone & 325mg Acetaminaphen. I take 6-8 a day since I've been having a bad flare. Thanks for any input, Laura
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    I'm so glad that you have a doctor who will prescribe sufficient pain medication for you. Maybe I've missed something but I'm wondering why you are not on something like oxycontin which is longer acting. It would even out the pain control and limit the number of meds you have to take in one day.
    That being said, don't be concerned about how much you take. Pain is truly subjective and this is making your life more bearable.

    Take Care
  3. RedHeadEMT

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    Hi Laura,

    Yeah, I'm with Kathy. I'm wondering why your doc hasn't rxed oxycontin, since it is time released oxycodone (the same thing that you are taking right now, in short acting form). You would only need to take it 2-3 times a day. You might still need the breakthrough pain meds for in between doses, but it might help you take less of the short acting drugs.

    Anyways, good luck with everything. Hope all works out well.
  4. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I will definately check into it. It would be better for many reasons the main one being I wouldn't be dealing with drugs wearing off and going through that waiting period. I'm going this week sometime, so will check into it! Thanks, & take care, Laura
  5. once you add & figure, that's 10mgs 3-4 times a day...I was on Lortab 10's, 1 every 4-6 hrs, so, no difference, just since it's 5mg pills, it seems like a lot to consume, but, dosage's really not. I really only consider that 'moderate' pain MY opinion..Because I've been on a LOT in the past 2 yrs..

    But, like I said, that's no diff really than 4-10mg lortabs, or Norco's...etc.

    Why DOESN'T she, give you 10mgs, instead of the 5's...Percocet, never worked for me. About as good as 'darvocet' in my body. only brought my nausea probs about, & always gave me a headache.

    When I was at Methodist hospital, having radiation treatment done to my trigeminal nerve...(they have to screw a metal fixator into your skull, to stabilize your head, to avoid 1mm of movement, during your treatment...treatment took 1 hr..I had that thing (TWICE!) screwed into my head for over 9 hrs, the first time! They gave me 2 5mg percocets as needed, and were OK with me just taking my Lortab, after a second try with the percocets, and wasn't helping (gee--i still had pain from four metal pins screwed into my skull??? OY!) They only inject you with local anesthesia at the four sites, then, like a mechanic, they screw that thing into your head, with a wrench!

    Anyways, no, it doesn't seem like much to me, about average..I guess...but, sounds like the answer isn't more percocet, but, something totally different/stronger.

    Maybe a long lasting type, like MSContin, taken every 12 hrs. they usually give you immediate release for breakthrough pain (say, 15mgs, twice a day, in between the mscontin doses)...

    I'm with ya on the flare.....and I've not got too many 'pain' meds, left...Oxycontin, Methadone...demoral? that's about it...really...or combo with stuff I've already been on.

    Lortab 10's got me through 2 yrs of winter flares, now I've gone to try dilaudid, MSContin & MSIR, and now...a worthless(and in my opinion, placebo! lol) Generic fentanyl patches, 50mcg.

    I'm amazed, and totally bummed meds don't work for more than a few days--basically once the groggyness, etc side effects are gone....ALL and ANY effects are gone, for me.

    I just don't absorb meds well...makes sense, with oral guts are a wreck, and I don't even absorb nutrients right, so, meds wouldn't work well either,,,but, even these dumb fentanyl patches--not touchin pain. I was on norco 7.5's 4 a day, with* the patch, for breakthrough pain--but, there was no breakthrough pain---it's constant.

    It's just been awful that I've missed 3 doctors appts---for being TOO SICK TO GET THERE! When I need them most! Ugh.

    My last pain clinic appt...I missed, but was in the building...the ER, and at THEIR fault, for not giving my sister my script on time, leaving me 3 days with no patch..ER was convinced the vomiting, diarrhea, & constant chills, were withdrawl. I explained to them, showed them my empty fentanyl box (with the date filled--so they KNEW I was not early, the PAIN clinic was WRONG for denying my sister my script, saying "not til tuesday" when I was due, sunday. UGH!

    The whole pursuit* of relief, and g.i. problems, nurses not notifying the doctor, getting my refills on time, when I do my job, by notifying them (via the never answered nurses line-talk to a voice mailbox. everytime.) And, them allowing me to run out of meds THREE times, in 4's just allll getting too old.

    I'm gonna talk to my doc about something for muscle spasms, Mirapex, anything else I can come up with by thurs..It's just to HARD to get my doggone meds on time, calling every single month...(not just my pain patch either, pain clinic has me on all my meds, but for my heart med--primary doc takes care of)

    I've got to go another route, something that can be written out for refills, and may not cause as many problems, and might not lose effectiveness, nearly immediately...going to mention TENS unit for my disc problems in my back, & hip pain...

    Got to figure something out...I will NOT end up in the hospital, because some nurse can't add 30 days correctly.
    Twice they've left me without clonazepam, also.....with FIVE DAYS notice. which is their policy.

    What else are you on, or do you think you could use for pain, too (i'd still try a diff *pain* med, if possible), but, muscle relaxers help? or anti-inflammatories (arthritis? spine/hip pains?)

    You need better control, sorry you're flaring...I think most of us are in the same boat, with varying degrees of meds to help (or NOT help).

    Best wishes,

    Laura M.
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    That is a lot of percoset. You are at the max. dose for acetiminophen. If you keep this up you could run the risk of some liver damage. I hope you aren't taking any plain acetiminophen on top of this. So you are getting about a weeks worth a time at the amount you are taking. They are only allowed to prescribe a certain amount and they aren't allowed to prescribe repeats. It sounds like you need to be on a long acting pain reliever and use the percoset for breakthrough. There are lots of options. Oxycontin, MS Contin or Fentanyl Patch. If you doc. doesn't know what to do get him or her to refer you to a pain clinic. I have been on oxycontin and ms contin. I am currently on Fentanyl. I really like it. We are still adjusting the dose. Having it in your system all the time will make you much more comfortable. When I switched from ms contin to oxycontin it was like night and day. I no longer felt like I was walking in concrete. My pain specialist says I will never be pain free but he wants me to be as comfortable as possible. Please talk to your doc. about this. This is no excuse for having to suffer needlessly. All the best.

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