Anyone taking Pregnenolone and birth control pills?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by goaska29, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. goaska29

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    I just received about 10 bottles of stuff in the mail from the FFC. T3, fludrocortisone, cortisol, lumbrokinase, pregnenolone, and ProBoost. There was very little information along with the bottles. I'm very worried about some of these affects on the effectiveness of my birth control. I know when I'm on anti-biotics, my BCPs are virtually ineffective. The LAST thing I need right now is for my boyfriend and I to encounter an unplanned pregnancy.

    Please help if anyone has some info. I'm calling the FFC tomorrow to check also.


  2. goaska29

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  3. shelbo

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  4. TwinMa

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    I found a really good website that lists drug interactions.

    It is Drug Digest dot org.

    Click the Check Interactions tab. You can enter several drugs and even herbal remedies. I entered six things and found two interactions that I didn't know about. It's pretty cool.

    P.S. I rented Life Aquatic this weekend and loved it! I plan to watch all the rest of the Wes Anderson flicks, too. I'm hooked! Thanks for the movie tip!


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    They told me they could not get accurate hormone testing if I was on Birth Control pills and so i went off of them. I never went back on them (My husband is thrilled HA HA)

    Let us know what they say about it! Lynn
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    FFC told me to go off hormones for 24 hours before getting blood drawn. I didn't take my HRT (estradiol/Prometrium) meds for one day before I got my blood draw at FFC.

    Obviously I am at the other end of things from you two. I'm in menopause, not on BC. But I think the theory is the same. If you are taking hormones, it will affect your blood test results.

    But it seems like just going off for 24 hours would not be very accurate either. Is that what is really happening in my system? Doesn't seem like it.


  7. goaska29

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    They drew my blood during the week of inactive pills. I'm sure that doesn't make much of a difference, but I hadn't taken a pill in 5 days when my blood was drawn.

    I'm just nervous about taking the 100mg of Pregnenalone daily. It seems like a lot and there was very little info I could find about it.

    Thanks for the replies,
  8. TwinMa

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    You could always start with a lower dose. Start with 25mg and see how you feel. You can work your way up, if need be. I'm a big believer in starting slow anyway, to see how your body reacts.

    100 mg does seem high. I take 25 mg.

    Hopefully FFC will have some suggestions.

  9. MKlady

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    Pregnonolone 100 mg
    Loestrin birth control

    My FFC doc hasn't had any problems with it, but she wants me off birth control pills for other reasons. I'm 54 and not through menopause yet. Don't want an accident, thank you very much!!
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    I called the FFC and asked about the pregnenolone and the BCPs. She said that while she couldn't find any written evidence of a problem, that I might want to hold off on taking it. Since preg. raises hormone levels and BCP supress them, it might not be a good combo.

    Just a heads up to others....I certainly couldn't handle a baby now too!!!!!

  11. TwinMa

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    GoAsk Alice - glad you talked to FFC. Sounds like a good decision to hold off on the pregnenolone. Thanks for the update.

    mklady - I went off birth control pills almost 3 years ago at age 46 and went straight into menopause! I think the BCP were masking any signs of menopause. It sure hit me like a ton of bricks when I went off the BCP!

    I also didn't want any accidents (twins is enough, thank you!), so I had my hubby get a vasectomy a few months before I went off BCP. Sorry honey! He wasn't too mad!


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