Anyone taking SSRI cipralex

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    Hi,, I am a CFS sufferer,taking a combined medication 15mg of trimipramine at night,and a new SSRI called (5mg) cipralex(escitalopram)in the day,anyone else out there taking this new anti-depressant? Thanks Jan
  2. Jan39

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    Hi,, I am a CFS sufferer,taking a combined medication 15mg of trimipramine at night,and a new SSRI called (5mg) cipralex(escitalopram)in the day,anyone else out there taking this new anti-depressant? Thanks Jan
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    i took Seroxat last year and i went through a living hell.i sometimes wonder if that kickstarted my FMS.i also had horrific withdrawal symptoms,which included a jolting electric shock sensation in my head.
    SSRIs alters the chemistry in the brain,the levels of seretonin and i don't think anyone understands what the long term effects are,

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    The question which was asked by Jan did not get the right answer. Everybody has a different motive for taking SSRI's, and having taken them myself for many years due to CFS/FMS, I only can say that I have found them most beneficial in coping with some of the severe symptoms most of us experience. Better to have quality of life than misery! But, some of us cannot take them which I find regrettable. I also would like to switch from Celexa to Cipralex and would like to also know if the Cipralex is worth the change. Kind regards, Lucky
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    Read Dr. Paul Cheney's article on them here in our library. In my opinion, SSRI's are potent drugs which should only be prescribed by psychiatrists for conditions which warrant using a "sledge hammer" drug. SSRI's are like steroids for CFS/FMS; they help in the short term but in the long-term, they do damage.

    I know that there are people who use them for CFS and FMS and feel that they are helping. I also know that there are people with problems like clinical depression who depend on them.

    My point is that we should be very aware of what we are doing to our bodies when we put drugs into them. The last thing we need to do is harm ourselves and cause even more problems. Every time this subject comes up, we hear some horror stories from our members who have taken SSRI's. Use the search feature to find these posts.

    Family docs prescribe antidepressants like they are candy in order to try to help with symptoms of illnesses which they do not know how to treat. They need to go back to their oath, "...first, do no harm."

    Love, Mikie
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    I am sure that the message was addressed to me. Mikie. However, like with anything else in life, if we take drugs, we mostly need them and do not take them because we love them. The decision is between patient and doctor.
    I am one who does not suffer from a clinical depression taking for example Celexa, but I have to say that without taking an SSRI plus Ritalin, I would not survive and also would not like to give up the little quality of life which is possible because of the meds. And, whatever each one of us is doing in life, we are responsible. In my case, I live today and not tomorrow.
    I have been on the board many times before and know that this subject seems to be a controversial one. But, on the other hand, having had CFS/FM for more years than a lot of other member, gave me the opportunity to sort out what to believe and not to believe.
    Therefore, whatever drug anybody should take to begin with, should be the choice of the patient with the guidance of the doctor. Nobody would ever succeed to let me take any meds which I do not believe in. If there is something wrong with the neurotransmitters which are playing a vital role in our lives, my question would be, how do you correct these? No alternatives have been proven as far as I know (pls. correct me if I am wrong), to help with these chemical imbalances. What about the sleep at night which we need so badly? In my opinion, these illnesses have so many serious symptoms that I would not like to be in anybody's shoes to be even more stressed out dealing with more than I already have to.
    If some people cannot take them because they are really doing harm that is a different story.
    But, the judgement of taking drugs should be every individual's own choice. Kind regards, Lucky
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    Lucky thanks so much for your reply. I am finding cipralex helpful,I only take minute amounts,and a small amount of trimipramine at night.I have had ME for many years,and when I relapse,sleep pattern is terrible & the depression crippling, so over the years Prozac,effexor,and hopefully Cipralex has saved my life.I hope that you can find improvements if you do try cipralex ,I will keep you posted on improvements.I'm sure that you agree that in a lot of cases its not the CFS that can kill its the terrible depression that can come with it.As for Mikki we all would like not to take any form of medication,but in some cases,the decision to try and ease the depression is the only alternative to giving in altogether.Keep in touch lucky best wishes Jan
  8. Mikie

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    I did say that what I posted was only my opinion, but it is backed up by Dr. Cheney's article. You have obviously taken all this info into consideration and made your decision. That is your choice and your right.

    My point is that there are a lot of docs out there who have no clue as to what causes us not to be able to sleep, to have sensory overload, anxiety, panic attacks, and RLS. It is the overfiring of the neurons and SSRI's and stimulant meds like Ritalin make the problems worse in the long run. Anti-seizure meds like Klonopin or Neurontin place the brain in a normal state instead of the constant slight state of seizure. That allows one to sleep and helps with anxiety, panic, sensory overload, and RLS.

    Stimulants and SSRI's do make some people feel better and allows them to make it through the day. Not everyone can take anti-seizure meds. Again, I agree that this is each individual's choice.

    All I'm saying is that one should be informed of the dangers involved. Most docs are unaware of the long-term dangers of prescribing stimulants to an already over-stimulated brain. The majority of docs prescribing anti-depressants and stimulants are family docs.

    Further stimulating neurons that are already overfiring is like increasing the idle speed of a car engine which is running rough. It will cover up the problem but will burn out the engine and the transmission in the long run.

    No one who has made an INFORMED decision to use SSRI's needs to defend his or her position. Again, it's a personal choice. The key word here is "informed." Most people just take whatever the doc gives them. We should always research anything we are prescribed and question the doc extensively about the drug. Often, you will find that the doc doesn't know that much about the drug and will just reply that he has "heard" that it helps FMS.

    The newly-diagnosed are more apt to take whatever the doc gives them because they are so desperate for relief from their symptoms. We need to be fully educated, informed, and in control of our treatments. We cannot depend solely on our docs because most of them know so very little about our illnesses.

    Love, Mikie
  9. lucky

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    Thank You for your kind reply. And I cannot agree with you more on your opinion about some of the drugs the doctors are prescribing for CFS/FM. However, as mentioned, the best thing you can do for yourself when diagnosed with either one of the illnesses as with other ones as well, is to get as much info as you can and educate yourself about the effects of any drugs or treatments.
    I believe, I am one of the lucky ones to have a good doctor, and also have had some good specialists lately who have confirmed to my family doctor that they do approve of the meds I am taking. But, here I must emphasize again, I only get all the help because I have educated myself over the years and only because of it makes it possible to have more control over the illnesses and the help I am getting. Quite a few infos I also picked up from this site which came and come very handy.
    I have the feeling that a lot of people with CFS/FM are still very confused what is hitting them, especially when they are newly diagnosed. And, this is an excellent site where they can learn with all the support they need.
    By the way, I am mostly not following Dr. Cheeney's advices, there are some doctors out there who make a lot of more sense to me for example, and my doctor follows some of their treatments and research it appears.
    But, I really appreciate your concern, Mikie, and I also like the way you handle your job on this site. Take care, and kind regards, Lucky
  10. Mikie

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    I appreciate your kindness.

    I do not agree with everything Cheney says either. In all fairness, most of the experts in the field talk about anti-depressants as viable treatments. I do like Cheney's article on Klonopin, though, as it makes it easy for the average person to understand some of our more weird symptoms.

    I think one of the hardest things to realize when we are newly diagnosed is how little most of the docs know about our illnesses. If you have a good doc, you are lucky. Even with good docs, we still have to educate ourselves. My doc admits he knows nothing, but he is willing to learn and will go along with most treatment options as long as they are not dangerous. I like him for that reason

    Love, Mikie
  11. garlinbarb

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    I too take a new SSRI called Lexapro. It was just released for use in Aug.I have nothing but good to say about it so far.
    It is a difficult decision that we all have to make for our I or don't I?

    I take MTX for RA, Trazadone, Lexapro,Ultam and Baclofen for FMS + I take HRT, and two b/p meds. It's no wonder we feel like walking pill boxes!

    I am not convinced tha SSRI's are any more dangerous than any of the other meds. It's just something else to deal with.

    Thanks to my meds I can function at a higher degree than I could other wise.

    I guess I think like the typical Westerner, if ya got a problem fix it!

    Eastern countries or rather religions/cultures teach to accept whatever comes along.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could blend the two philosophies??

  12. Jan39

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    Hi Barb,is lexapro,the same as the SSRI I am taking,it has different names in diferent countries I think ,the one here is cipralex (escitalopram) From what I can gather its a derivative from citralopram.Would be interested to know if its the same,as I don't know anyone else taking it.hope you are ok ,best wishes Jan
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    I also have tried many different ssri's since I was 16. <THAT would be 32 years ago> Always change due to side effects developing or loss of effectiveness. Now have been on Celexa 40 mg since August. Found I am clenching and very stressed. So, backing off to 20mg for a few weeks and Dr. wants me to try either Lexapro, or cipralex. My concern are the side effects of these 2. The Celexa has made me gain about 20lbs just like that. I'm already slightly obese so cant afford any more LBS's on this old body. I am very aware everyone reacts differently but, how are those of you feeling on either of these 2 drugs. Being off an ssri completely is not an option. I have chronic clinical depression , always have, always will.So looking forward to trying something new <again> Just would like some personal feedback.
  14. witsend

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    I have always wondered, since they came out with these newer antidepressants, what a godsend they would be for someone who truly had a shortage of whatever the particular one they were on increased in the brain. But they always seemed targeted at increasing these neurotransmitters. And I wondered if you had too little seratonin, dopamine, or ? (I can't remember the third one), conversely couldn't you also have too much of one of these and then if you were prescribed one of these meds you would be increasing something that you already had too much of. It seems like such a game of russian roulette since they are guessing at what we might be short of up there and which med for us to try. I tried an SSRI once and with in a week my mood was SIGNIFICANTLY better but I could no longer sleep and the FM pain in my legs became excruciating and uncontrollable. When I discontinued it the pain went back to it's original state and my sleep improved. So I know that you are right that some of these drugs can definitely make symptoms worse and one needs to be very careful when trying them. When I told the doc my experience I got the feeling he thought I was an uncooperative patient and when he wanted to try a second one he wouldn't discuss how the action of the second drug differed, so I didn't go back to him. I would try these drugs, especially if I had significant depression symptoms, but I would be adamant about starting with low doses and be just as adamant in stopping them immediately if I didn't like the side effects.
  15. Jan39

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    Hi Pony,The cipralex seems to be the latest version of celexa,I think in the US they call it lexapro,It seems to have a lot of good reports here,but its still very new,Ive only been on it 6 wks on very low doses,so give me a couple of more wks,and Ill post you back,up to now,it seems to have less side effects than prozac or bear with me Ill post u on any progress.
    Love Jan
  16. lucky

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    Witsend, I just read your note about SSRI's, and I believe these are excactly the reasons you mention why a lot of people have trouble with them. To get the balance of the chemicals right, is a touch and go and can even be a disaster for some. Hopefully, in the future these guessing games will be eliminated with newer drugs.
    I have an excellent doctor, and people think, when they read some of my messages, that I make them up or I am just guessing, but these are inputs I am getting from my doctor which I try to share. I have been also told that there will be a newer drug than Lexapro out soon. Will wait and see. However, I am always very thankful for any infos and inputs I can get from this board. Lucky
  17. fiddlepuppy

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    and so far am not very thrilled with it. It was given to me by my Pdoc for anxiety. I have been on it 3 weeks. The nausea ceased after a few days but the muscle tension and clenching teeth have remained from day one. AND I am just as anxious and more agitated than before I started it. I will give it one more week and if these side effects continue I will d/c the med.

    Good luck all