anyone taking tramadol and an ssri???

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  1. bpmwriter

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    hi all,

    my doc wants me on a low dose ssri and low dose tramadol. anyone else on a similar combo? reading the prescribing info for tramadol makes me a little hesitant to accept this plan due to potential interactions between the two. most problems would likely occur at much higher doses but it still concerns me, especially the seizure risk. anyone taking this combo with no problems?

  2. sfrazier

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    I take 75 mg of effexor in the morning and then 150mg at night plus 75 mg. of nortriptyline at night and then take tramadol as needed for pain during the day or night. I haven't had any problems other then nausea(sp) from the tramadol. As for the seizures if you are prone to seizures then I would double check with my doctor otherwise it should be okay.

  3. bpmwriter

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    i've taken the tramadol before; i'm not prone to seizures, but it did seem to cause the occasional myoclonic jerk and increased my potential for migraines. the main reason i was taking it was for chest discomfort / shortness of breath. it seemed to help a little, though i'm still not sure why. i've read that opiods like tramadol are prescribed to terminally ill patients to alleviate the subjective feelings of shortness of breath, so it seems the tramadol either just altered my perception? or perhaps it was the slight norepinephrine boost?? in any case, thanks for responding. i think it would be safe. i'll just have to weigh the side effects against the benefits, maybe try it for a few days and see how i feel.

  4. MKlady

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    Yep - I take 150mg Effexor w/breakfast and Tramadol 50mg when needed for pain. No problems so far. I was also concerned and talked to doc, who said not to be...

    I started with 1/2 a Tramadol because I had some reaction at first. Then moved up...

    Also started at 75mg Effexor for a month then dr. titrated it up.[This Message was Edited on 02/05/2006]
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    I take 400 mg tramadol a day, also 20 mgs of celexa at night. Working good for me. I have a few small issues with tram, but none that warant me to stop.