Anyone taking Ultracet daily for Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ahgatto, May 13, 2003.

  1. ahgatto

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    2 months ago I was prescribed Ultracet for pain management. I was taking 6 Ultracet a day (2 Ultracet every 6 hours 3 times a day) each and every day. It did help to relieve pain. I would say my pain dropped from a level 8 to a level 3.

    Then, I find out that Ultracet is only approved by the FDA for short term (5 days or less) of pain management. So, prescribing this drug like my doctor did for daily use is an off label prescription which worries me. I even called the drug company (Ortho-McNeil) yesterday and they said they can not tell me anything about long-term safety or side effects of this drug because it is only approved for short term pain management.

    I also feel that I was becoming dependent on this drug. I read that Ultracet poses a danger of mental and physical addiction. I stopped taking this drug 3 days ago because I was worried about long term effects and I am now experiencing withdrawal symptoms which include anxiety, chills, diarrhea,insomnia, nausea, sweating and tremors.

    Anyone else take Ultracet daily? If so for how long have you been taking it daily? Are you worried about long-term effects since not FDA approvied for such use?
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    I was prescribe Ultracet 3 times a day also . This is news to me, I did not know it was not FDA approved for long term use. Before I was diagnosed I was taking Ultram for what they thought was a torn cartilidge in my knee, I was taking that everyday too sometimes two or three a day.
    Now I'm worried. I have a Doctor's appt. with a new rheumie today and I will mention it to him.

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    but was not aware that it is not to be used for long-term pain management. I don't personally feel I have become addicted to it, but I am not taking as much as you are. I try not to take pain meds any more than necessary. I have been on Ultracet for almost a year.

    Ellen Comstock