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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sickchic, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. sickchic

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    I just started taking zoccor. Has anyone taken this med and if so did it make your pain incress?

  2. siestasuze

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    Well I'm taking the generic, Simvistatin 40mg per day for high cholesterol. Have been for about 1 year now. I also take Zetia 10mg with it, (supposed to help those who are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol. Prior to that was on Pravachol 80mg day for couple years.

    I honestly have not really had any "known" side effects, like increase in muscle pain/problems like those being reported now due to some new studies.

    Are you worried about the FDA warnings about Zocor at high dosages being shown to cause muscle pain and problems? According to what I've read, and asked my PCP today as a matter of fact, the studies showed muscle pain / problems at 80mg and higher daily as "compared to lower dosages". My PCP really isn't worried. Just glad she started me only at 40mg, when I had been on 80mg of Pravachol per day!

    Actually it's working better for me! My cholesterol was down from 187 to 127 in 3 months!
    Also, my Choles/HDL ratio was even in the normal range, Triglycerides were even lower. Don't know if it's just the Zocor or if the Zetia is helping too. I DO NOT EAT a HIGH cholesterol diet, Honestly, so it's just in my blood, or genes I guess.

    What dose are you on? It is for your cholesterol right? Or did I just get lost and go on about a totally different med? Uh oh?? HA!!

    Let me know.........................suze

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