Anyone thirsty a lot?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lilaclover30, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Not only am I thirsty a lot, but I just want ice water with lots of ice. Nothing is soooo good.

    I also found that amid-morning, I drink a glass of milk with ice and some syrup called Iced Java. It is coffee-chocolate flavored syrup. It really quences my thirst.

    no matter where we go in the car, I take a small cooler with 2 ice blocks and 2 bottles of water. I just went to the kitchen to get more ice and water.

    No I don't have diabetes. I suppose that it is from RX's. I don't know.

    Any advice.

    Gentle Hugs

  2. angeljoe

    angeljoe New Member

    I drink about 8-12 bottles of water a day. Sometimes I add crystal light lemonade. I stay thirsty all the time.

    My pain management doc told me that people have symptoms to diabetes for up to 20 years.

    He didn't say I would have it, but that scares me a lot because I have it on both sides Maternal and Paternal of my family.

    God bless,
  3. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I am so thirsty all the time too. I drink water all done long, I always have a glass with me. I don`t have diabetes either. I don`t know what causes it either.
  4. lostmisty

    lostmisty New Member

    I also crave iced water. I suppose it's the meds that make me thirsty.
  5. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Water bottle is with me at all times! If i don't have it i'm looking for it!! no diabetes hear eighther! wonder if it's a Fm/Cf thing?
  6. Kayaker1

    Kayaker1 New Member

    According to my doctor at the Hunter Hopkins center in North Carolina, thirst is a normal symptom of CFS. They are not sure why. Maybe something at the cellular level. I am thirsty all the time as well and I was never the type to carry water bottles around with me.
  7. catblack

    catblack New Member

    i have been since i was a teenager, over 20 years, and
    that was a few years before cfs came on. thirst, seems unquenchable. i find the drinks with electrolytes like gatorade quench it though

  8. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I was the HUGEST Diet Coke drinker for years , I would have a least a 6 pack a day of the darn stuff. I could drink Diet Coke for Brekfast lunch dinner and my snaks.

    Then one day while I was eating peaches and low fat cottage cheese I had the first and worst gall bladder attack . I first had to drink some icky stuff that would see if it was my gall bladder or heartburn , it is lidocaine and maylox and it is sooooo nasty and them it nunmbs you mouth up and your throat too.That did nothing so I had a ulra sound and the tech found many stones.

    So I had to have it removed. But I am starting to see a pattern starting here . MJY youngest daughter was to be married in 4 days when I tripped and fell and shattered my left wrist. This time it was my oldest daughter and it was 7 days before her wedding and at her dinner I could not eat any thing there but the rolls as they had made barBqueed pork, , ribs, chicken, and patato salad so there was nothing that i could eat.

    About 4 days after her wedding I had my galbladder out and my surgery took much longer than was expected and I was much slower to heal too. But I got through it.

    But some where in the period before and after when you have to watch what you are eating and drinking I stopped drinking the Diet Coke and I thought I would just die if I didn't have my daily dose of Diet Coke {That as before i had surgery} But it had been about a month after my surgery when I decieded that I would have a Diet Coke and it really burned my stomache so I didn't even fisnish the drink.

    It has now been just about 1 year since that gall bladder attack adn surgery and I don't crave the Diet Coke like I thought that it would. I can now drink them but for some strange reason they just don't taste the same. I can drink them or not and it does not matter to me... Where before I had to have my Diet Coke every day and often too.

    At the time of my surgery I was alowwed to drink ice water and so that was what I started to drink all the time. I will drink milk also but most of the day I have a mug 36 oz of water by me all day long and I tend to refill it at least 1 time a day some days more.

    I to have been checked for dieabetes and the last test I had was 85. So I don't have diebeties. I had my hubby check my blood sugar at home as he is a diebetic and that day it was 90 and he said that it was really good as I had been muching on Ben& Jerry's Ice Cream chocloate mint cookie and still it was lower than his was.

    But back to the drinking water when I go to bed I always have a much of ICe water at my bed side all night as I will get so thirsty durning the night.

    So now I am a reformed Diet Coke drinker and I will have one now and then but ususally it is JUST WATER.!

  9. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    Hi Joan,

    No advice here. Because I'm thirsty all of the time too. I even made my doctor talk to me about diabetes last week to make sure that wasn't it. He said NO, I do not have diabetes (thank God).

    I drink iced coffee in the morning and carry around bottles with ice water to drink where ever I go. In the car, at the grocery store, the mall, wherever...

    I'm not sure which med I'm on that could be causing this. Maybe my Zyrtek-D since it dries me out! LOL

    Hope you get some answers!


    GLASTETTER New Member


  11. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    When I first became sick, my b/p was low and I would feel faint. (That was awhile ago and 40 pounds lighter). I was also cutting out salt, thinking I was helping myself. My dr. told me to increase both salt and water to increase my blood volume! It is also good to keep the muscles hydrated, the bowels moving and the skin nice.

    When I first started drinking water, I felt nauseous, but now I crave it all the time, esp. at bedtime.

  12. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    Oh me too.... I am constantly needing to sip water all day long and if I exert myself at all, I drink loads afterwards. Then I pee it all out and have to drink more...LOL

    Also been checked for both types of Diabetes and was negative.

    Don't know what causes it either but I feel for you as it can be inconvenient (always having to carry a bottle with you) and embarrassing when people ask why.

    Hugs Bunchy xxx
  13. Roseecoop

    Roseecoop New Member

    YES, I am also thirsty all the time and have been tested for diabetes several times but do not have it. I drink at least a gallon of water or more a day and everytime I leave the house I carry a large bottled water with me. In fact I have started to buy large purses just for the reason of being able to carry my water in it when I go into stores or other places.
  14. luvmykitties

    luvmykitties New Member

    I am very thirsty all day long, and I found it was the anti-inflamatory medication I take. Within 20 minutes of taking it, my mouth dries out, gets icky and the worst is my throat gets so dry I cannot swallow, I must get a drink ASAP.

    I have been tested for all the things that could be issues, no thyroid, no diabetes, and I have had my gall bladder out several years ago.

    My symptoms started when I started the meds. Many over the counter ones can cause dry mouth too. I always read the package or ask my DR what I can take with my RX meds.

    I cope by drinking water and having it with me all the time, sometimes I treat myself to fresh lemon water, or a flavored bottled water for a change.

    I do not go anywhere without my cooler and water, and I have to use a bottle or travel cup because my kitties will always try to drink from it on the table at home.

    The good news is, we get the recommended daily amount of water for health.

  15. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    It seems that folks have less dehydration after having this done.

    Have never tried this though, cannot confirm although it does make some sense to me.
  16. Dlebbole

    Dlebbole New Member

    Yes, thirsty all my adult life. Lots of peeing too! My CFS doctor gave me a trial of the above med that acts like a normal hormone. It allows the kidney to hold on to more sodium and water will be reabsorbed to follow the sodium. If you have low blood pressure, a very small dose is worth a try. Many CFS patients find they have more energy. For me, nothing all that dramatic except: for the first time in YEARS, I sleep through the night. I don't have to get up to drink and pee. I don't have to carry water bottles around EVERYWHERE I go. I still get thirsty at times, but it's much better.

    I was tested for BOTH kinds of diabetes, mellitus and insipidus. Negative, but thankfully, my doc is willing to try things. Diane
  17. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    When I was pregnant my last pregnancy ('04-'05) I had gestational diabetes. I know I had it much longer than when it was finally diagnosed...


    Because my urine was so dilute from drinking so much water that they couldn't detect any glucose in it - it wasn't until they did the blood test that it was detected - my first symptom was EXTREME thirst a good 2 months beforehand.

    In addition, I gained a huge amount of weight my second trimester (like 40 lbs). Once the diabetes was detected and I managed it through my diet and insulin - I stopped gaining weight and luckily had a normal birth weight baby.

    In the meantime though, it put my health in danger and the baby's health in danger - I was really ticked off about it when it was all said and done. My risk of getting diabetes is much higher, and my daughters risk of developing diabetes is much higher as well.

    But that taught me an important lesson about diabetes - never rely on an urinalysis. Make sure you get bloodwork to rule out the condition. An A1C blood test is the best predictor of blood glucose levels because it "looks at" glucose for the previous 2 months as measured in your red blood cells (which completely regenerate every couple of months).

    Madame Curie
  18. mimikardz

    mimikardz New Member

    I have been tested for diabetes through the years also and they always seemed "normal". My husband has diabetes and when we would use his meter to do a finger test of blood, the levels would always be in normal ranges. The A1c was in the 6 range also. I had the yucky blood test where you have to drink this sickeningly sweet stuff and sit around the lab for 2 hours. Even that seemed to be OK. The only place it eventually showed up is when they required me to fast for 14 hours and then did a blood test. The level was elevated for that test ONLY. Not high, at 123, but that is the cut off for determining diabetes I have been told. Since then I have been monitoring my own glucose readings at home with the use of a meter and the same pattern emerges here too. All readings before and after meals during the day are absolutely within the target ranges. But, that first reading in the morning (after you have not eaten since dinner the night begore) is higher than they want it to be (doc wants it under 100, and mine ranges from 105-120). I think many of us may have diabetes or are pre-diabetic but are misdiagnosed for long periods of time due to the current way the medical establishment tests for this disease. And yes, I have had constant thirst for many many years. I carried around a water container back in the 80's before it was fashionable to do so and before all the nice little water bottles were available in stores. So, is there a connection with FM/CFS or is thirst a precursor of diabetes combined with FM/CFS, one can only speculate..........

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