Anyone tired of hearing,take this pill!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Beth37, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. Beth37

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    I was raised not to do drugs,and it seems all you hear from the doctors is take this pill,try this pill.If I took all the pills thay wanted me to,I believe I would be walking around like a zombie.I have had bad side effects from some that I have tried,mainly anti-depressents.I am scared of them.Then they say if you don't try this pill,and try to get better,the SSI will claim you don't want to get better.I don't understand.Anyone out there have a comment on this? Does anyone feel the way I do? Thanks for your replies.((((HUGS)))))Beth
  2. CelticLadee

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    I also do anything not to take medications. I have refused everyone of them so far. I finally went to a naturopath and he has me taking lots of natural anti-virals & a immune booster as I have a dysfunctioning immune system common to CFIDS. I also have FM symptoms but with vitamins, minerals & mostly good nights of sleep I have kept it under control basically. I also follow a strict diet so as not to upset the balance. My living/working situation allows me to rest when I need to and avoid stress. But I want to add that I do understand that some people have such extreme pain and other problems that require them to take medications and I certainly don't judge them for it. If I had to resort to medications or suffer as greatly as many of them do I would also be forced to take medication. I am taking 50 pills a day but all our natural remedies. I do get tired of popping pills as I have never been one to do so. But these are keeping me from being bedridden so I'll glady keep popping them. I'm sorry you have to deal with the SSI. I can only imagine what a person goes through with that process if it is like other governmental agencies. I hope the best for you and hope it all works out in your favor.
    (((Hugs back))) CLD
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    and I guess it's because of so many
    years of going untreated and having
    the crushing, stabbing, burning, unbearable pain in the last year before I was finally treated. I look
    on it as a blessing that there ARE
    medications that will ease the pain.
    I tried many of the herbal and supplemental things and had no relief, though I am taking a multi vitamin and a couple of other things
    now also. If they work for someone I think that's great! I think if I had to take 50 pills a day though I'd get a little over whelmed! Wow! Hugs, Bambi
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    Hi,CLD,Thanks,for your reply.I was just venting,didn't mean to sound like,well that I was judging anyone.I don't blame anyone for getting relieve.I was just trying to voice my opinion,on doctors trying to push pills on you when you tell them that you've had bad side effects and you are scared.If someone can take something to make them feel better and not have the side effects that I have,then I say go for it.I am sorry,if it sounded like I was judging anyone!! Thanks CLD,for your reply and for pointing out that I may have offended someone,cause I sure didn't mean to.((((HUGS))))
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    >> Then they say if you don't try this pill,and try to get better,the SSI will claim you don't want to get better. <<

    Yes, Beth, my previous doctors (and the insurance company) all claimed that that I must want to be sick when I began to refuse their numerous meds ("try this one for a few days and if it don't work, then we will try you on that one") that they were throwing at the problem.

    I finally have a new PCP who told me on my first visit that I am not a candidate for pain therapy using meds and that he would refer me for non-drug pain management. He said that the law required that I be offered an alternative non-drug pain management solution since I have the history of adverse reactions to so many drugs. He noted that statement in my chart and got the insurance to cover the alternative pain management treatments, without their usual requirements to "try her on another pill".

    I think the fact that he wrote it that way in my records is also why I have not been denied by SSD, yet. At least they sent my app to the TX Rehab Comm for eligibility determination processing, instead of throwing it out when they first got it. Here's hoping for the best on that issue.