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    Hi there. This is my first post, but I have been fighting the crud for almost 2 years. I think Lyme is a big possibility. I had a negative Western Blot from IGENEX. At this point, it would be chronic Lyme and probably wouldn't test positive unless we tested for the specific type. Clinically, I can check off almost every symptom. I am wondering if anyone has done the Lyme treatment without the positive test and did it help? Good luck to everyone. I guess we just keep searching for answers!
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    I do know personally several people locally who have been treated for lyme without all 5 bands 'positive' who definitely could see results... and I know there are plenty more.

    Just reading the threads here will tell you a lot; plus, doctors are SUPPOSED to treat according to 'clinical symptoms' and not based on blood tests alone as none are 100% reliable.

    A trial of abx is often the best way to tell. Those who do not show positive initially on the Western Blot often do after a month or even more of abx treatment, as the abx flush it apparently into the bloodstream. You know, it hides really well inside our tissue cells, invades wherever we're genetically weakest...

    You might also check out and lyme flash net and their links for more stories, also the reference library here for CF/FM...

    Hope your doctor is willing to work with you!

    all the best,

    PS: I personally haven't been tested for anything because of $$, altho my son tested totally positive with all 5 bands used by CDC for tracking and then some; for me, the marshall protocol certainly seems to be treating something... at this point in my life, I don't care what it is as long as it is killed. . .