Anyone treating OI, do your muscles go limp when excercising ?

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    I have a lot more energy since starting the salt loading protocal for OI on May 1st.

    So, I started swimming laps for 30 minutes a few days a week 2 weeks ago. I was a little tired from deconditioning but not enough to stop.

    Last Friday, when I tried to do some kicking while holding onto the side of the pool, my calves suddenly went completely limp after only a couple of seconds.

    I rested my legs for a few seconds and the energy came back in them. So I continued to do some excercises off the side of the pool. It continued the whole time, but I'd just wait for my legs to get their strength back and do it again.

    I didn't have any trouble walking to or from the pool so I wasn't that tired.

    I've had this kind of complete intermittent muscle fatigue off and on ever since getting CFS, but I'm now thinking this is just tied to PEM.

    I have been feeling the affects of PEM since Friday morning. Which means I'm shallow breathing and have the feeling like I have to push myself sometimes. It's not as bad as it used to get. And I respond to additional salt in my water.

    I tried this a few days later and they weren't going limp as quickly and I felt a burning sensation this time right before they went limp. I haven't tried swimming since.

    I was thinking that despite feeling energetic from the salt water, my muscles are still experiencing PEM.

    Is anyone familiar with this ? Is this an indication that I'm missing a nutrient ? Lactic acid ????

    It can't be deconditioning since I was swimming laps for 2 weeks prior.

    Thanks ... marcia

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