Anyone tried a myofascial pain dr or this active release techniqu

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    I have CFS and FMS and also myofascial pain syndrome. Anyway, my question is can these treatments really help-there is only one mps dr anywhere around here and he's not on my insurance, same with the ART dr. But, it would be worth it-if it takes away my sciatic pain and my ankle pain. The dr. that gave me the neurontin(which is helping some, but not as effective as at first)said that he thinks no treatment will rid me of this pain. But he's just a md with quite a few fibro patients. Anyone tried these treatments and do they work?

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    My DR. sent me to physical therapy and they did myofacial release treatments, hurt like H---! but once they started to loosen up it made me feel so much better, not healed just some relief. Hope if you decide to do this you have as much relief as I did. Rita
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    I, too, have had this type of treatment and agree that it was VERY painful. I was also given stretching exercises which I felt helped more than the treatments. I did not find the treatments themself very helpful. Good luck.
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    Over a year ago a therapist showed me how to use what she called a theracane, which is probably what your friend uses. However, I have also had ART and there is no way I could do it on myself, or with a theracane. It takes two people to do ART. The practitioner is doing one thing while you are moving in response to what is being done to help break up the knots.

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    Sorry to sound dumb, but are these kinds of treatments kind of like accupuncture or accupressure?
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    by a trained physical therapist for over a year now. I had excellent results with treatment of low back pain and some trigger points using this technique. had a recent bout witht terrible headaches, and myofacial release of my neck and face had trememdous improvement results. my problem is, as soon as one problem gets fixed, another starts. i see it as a long term need if you have a lot of symptoms, which could run in to dollars.
    no, it is not acupressure, it is a gentle stretching of tight muscles areas (i.e. myofacial release). check it out on the board search feature.
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    Hi all,

    Try Rolfing! I did and I never felt better - this was one of the few things that worked for me - sounds similar to the therapy discussed above - deep connective tissue massage - the first time I walked out feeling as loose as a baby once born!!! Yep, it hurts too, but when you are in the pain I was in, this was a good pain. Every time I left my rolfer, I swore to him that he was sent from heaven. Look it up but there aren't too many around.
    Good luck and I hope you find something that helps!!!