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  1. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Hi all,my name is Paul fm Glasgow in Scotland,i've had fibro pretty bad for the past 7 years,namely chronic pains in neck & head,and have a terrible sleeping pattern.I recently purchased a 3 month supply of ACTIVIVE and have been been taking them for 4 weeks but haven't noticed any change yet.I would really appreciate anyone else's experience of taking this supplement and any advice for chronic neck pain.Thanks guys,
  2. sunsign

    sunsign New Member

    Hi Paul im Terry from Manchester iv taken activive and i know others that have tryed it and its not worked on any off us i found to help presure in the neck is a coller it helps me i have it on for 2 hours aday and it does help try it and see if it helps you and let me know how you get on Terry
  3. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Hi Terry,thanks for the advice re ACTIVIVE,i dont think i'll order any more but will finish the course anyway.One orthopaedic doctor i previously saw gave me a neck collar but didnt really help me.Does any medication help you with pains as i've tried many but nothing really worked.Thanks again for advice,it's appreciated,Paul
  4. sunsign

    sunsign New Member

    Hi Paul,

    iv tryed so many pain killers and diffrent kinds of medication and so far iv found nothing at all that works for me but today iv been in so much pain with the cold and iv been popping pain killers like sweets but nothing has even made it easy for me hope you find something that works for you mate im running out things to try this is my mail address if you ever want to emaim me chat soon Terry
  5. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    ....and it didn't do a thing for me. I still have 2 bottles that I'm thinking of trying to get the money back on. I found it on the internet and gave it a try without really checking into it much. Oh well, gotta keep trying. Good luck.

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    gets discussed every month or so. The majority of posters say Activive did not help. The rest say they are trying it.

  7. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Thanks for the advice guys,so much for the 100% guaranteed success rate.But as you know we get so frustrated at times we'll try anything.
  8. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    My Daughter has been on this medication for 4.5 mths now and still really no help. We have just found out that her 5 years of viral throat infections as really an abcess forming in an tonsil crypt that leaks into her system so that when we get her tonsils out early nexy year might help her cfs somewhat.

    the silly thing is all Doctors bar the ear nose and throat specialist we went to said tonsils were fine.

    Docs are dumb sometimes especially wrt cfs ..

    So I concur wrt Activive not worth the $.

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  9. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Hi Hayley,thanks for that,i know what you mean,i think it says on their website something about 100% guaranteed success rate.I should't have been sucked in but you know what it's like when you've tried everything you get so desperate that you'll try anything.
    I've been taking Activive for about 2 months now & don't notice any real difference but i've got a month's supply left which i'll finish but doubt if i'll be ordering any more.
    I've yet to hear someone say that Activive has worked for them on this website.
    Thanks again for that,i appreciate everyone's advice,Paul.
  10. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    If you havent had success and havent ordered more they say in their blurb that you can send the left over tablets back and claim a refund. 1 poster here did and I think got it after a run around. You have to get the right section.

    My daughter is finishing her bottles but they really appear to be a placebo rather than useful.
  11. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Thanks for the advice Tony,will bear that in mind.
    I've just started my third month on Activive and still haven't noticed any real improvement.There are some days when I think that my neck muscles(where my worst pain is) are loosening a little,but inevitably,the next day my pains are just as bad.
    So I think i'll finish the course then decide.I don't know if i would be inclined to chase a refund as it's sounds a bit of a hassle,and being here in the UK makes it harder to phone them,& I don't know how receptive they are to answering emails.
    Thanks again for the advice,it's appreciated.
    PS It's not as expensive now seeing as we're nearly getting $2 for £1,LOL,
  12. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    Hope they kick in but I feel we are holding out for false hope.

  13. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Good luck with them as well for your daughter,but I think you're probably right.Ah well,back to the drawing board,
    regards Paul.
  14. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    Daughter had her tonsils removed and there was a crypt totally full of junk plus a constant abscess at the base of it it appears she has been being poisoned by this abscess for 4-5 years. No doctors put her sore throats as caused by her tonsils as the tonsils were looking fine.

    It wasnt until we asked the Doc to refer her to a ENT Doc that the abscess was noted.

    the upshot is at 3 weeks her eyesight is inprovingand she is not getting the foggyness reading or Pc work used to cause. Ok early days but it may be possible that the constant abscess poison was holding back recovery.

    She will ask her ENT next friday re this as he was unaware of her CFS issues as she has had it with Doctors atm. It will be great if this is /was the cause of keeping her sck.

    I will update in a week ot two.
    Dad of CFS daughter

    Activive stopped only taking Immune plus tablets now. She has a cold and has no vision reduction during it which was common before.

    Also i am not saying the tonsils caused CFS or removing same will fix it but rather the constant problems there might have suppressed her immune system to repair herself after her original CFS symptoms eased and the eyesight convergence issues started 18 mths ago.
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  15. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Hi Tony,really glad to hear that Nik is improving after her tonsils op.Lets hope that the improvement continues.Would sound like the poisoning would contribute to the CFS symptoms in some way.
    I've finished with the Activive also,now only taking supplements from my local health shop.
    Look forward to your next post,
    Best Wishes,Paul

  16. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    Ok she had her ENT visit as a followup to her operation. ENT confirmed she had this issue for ages and yes it would have made her sick and put toxins into her system.

    She is showing about 20% improvement so far over her normal energy and eyesight state. There is hope that this has caused her to turn a corner in her illness.

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  17. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Hi Tony,thats great to hear,at least you may have some explanation for this DD.Give my best wishes to Nik,& hope the improvement continues.
  18. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    Health improved and still getting better She worked 2 days in a row for 3 hrs each scanning sales figures and though eyes were strained she was fine the next day.

    This never occurred past 12 mths so the operation has helped her general health though her eyes are still not very good. Got her going to a behavioural Optometrist for exercises of the eye.

    This last update unless eyes return to normal
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  19. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    hi Tony,thats great that Nik's managing to do some work,sounds as though she's on the right track,
    good luck with the Optometrist,
    Best Wishes,Paul
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  20. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    As a follow up last week Niks health took a dive her eyes went back to the worst they had been and her general well being vanished back to CFS feeling days.

    She had to go to her General Practioner (GP) today and she mentioned her still sore throat. He had a look and found infected tonsil tissue that appears to have been causing her current issues. Considering she had both tonsils and adenoids out 2 months ago shows the surgeon missed some of them.

    What this does prove is without tonsils her health was improving as was her eyesight so if we get this remmant out maybe she can get over the curve.

    Just an update
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