anyone tried an anti candida diet and is it connected to FM/CFC

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  1. Gilly26

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    I'm currently on an anti candida diet as i have been told it can be a factor in FM/CFC can folks let me know there thoughts and experiences.

    many thankd

  2. Gilly26

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    I do its not the main cause of my problems but its a factor. have u gone down this route and if so how did you get on.


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    Hi gilly26

    Yes, I've been on it, sort-of, for years as part of hospital treatment. Diflucan can work if taken over a period of time, say, at least a month, although a week's supply will help with the brain fog.

    It's basically anti-sugar and anti-processed foods, all of which produce sugars that the candida lives off. Very hard to keep to, as you can't have fruit, so it makes it more difficult to manage the 5-a-day nutrients. The basis is often Nystatin, which I understand is readily available in the US (although non-prescribable here in the UK). Tastes foul, but a handful of parsley or almonds gets rid of the taste. Seems to be that I'm losing the battle though. I guess it depends on how ill you are to start with. Over time the candida gets used to the diet, so it becomes harder and harder to drive out of the body.
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    Hi Folks

    thank u for your replies i am currently taking Acidophilus and caprylic acid to treat the candida as well as the diet but these have been prescribed by my complimentary therapist, she has told me if i follow the diet and take the suppliments for 10 weeks it will get rid of the candida. Candida isnt my main problem but a factor.
    i have been having accupuncture, and a thing called moxa treatment where herbs are place ontop of salt on your belly button and the herbs are then absorbed into your system (they are lit and then burn down) anyone had this i think we all get to a point that we will try anything but its so hard to know if its making u better or worse.

    Thank u for the support.

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