Anyone tried Aurorix?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greeneyes24, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. greeneyes24

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    My doc thinks it will help with energy. It's an anti-depressant and I'm not taking any anti-depressants at the moment. Just wandering if anyone has any experiences with this drug. I'm already taking lots of meds (Klonipin, progesterone pill and Tamboucor (anti-arithmic for a heart problem not related to CFS)). I'm not particularly depressed so I don't know if I should give this a try or not. I spend 80% of the day in bed due to severe fatigue and CFS symptoms, however I'm still very motivated to get up when I feel even a tiny bit better. So not sure if anti-depressant will help when I'm not very depressed?
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    I can relate to your post. My doctor has given me several prescriptions for anti-depressants over the years. I do not feel depressed but the lack of energy is what gets me down.
    I have chosen not to take the drugs just because I already have nerve pain and such problems. The new SSRI drugs can cause further nerve and brain damage. Dr Chenney has a article about the SSRI drugs. You can get it at this sites library.
    If you are not clinically depressed I would choose to try another route for energy rather than to take these powerful drugs. I am finding that the less drugs the better I feel. Hope you find your answers.
  3. greeneyes24

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    I just don't feel like poisoning my body with more meds that are probably not even needed. Sure I feel sad when I have to be in bed all the time, but I'm more frustrated that my symptoms are not getting better. On the days that I feel a little bit better I cheer up considerably. I just feel that the more meds I take the less chance my body has to recover from this thing.