Anyone tried BEE STINGS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Wolverine

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    DOnt know if many of you have heard of bee venom therapy or Apitherapy to be precise, but it can help aloot of diseases - especially those like MS and other autoimmune diseases. The venom stimulates the bodies' production of cortisol naturally and helps the immune system somehow. Not sure exactly what it does otherwise, but helps ppl with ms etc get out of wheelchairs and have HEAPS less pain. Helps arthritis alot too. Basically anything that cortisone would help, it can help. A[itherapy dates back to hippocrates and has been used alot through time. I did it once, and the next day i had soo much more energy and stamina than usual! i got a small local allergy to the sting, nothing bad. Im about ready to try it again. Anyone else tried? look it up! :)

  2. jadibeler

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    I had forgotten all about this! I saw it on TV, probably on the news health section, but I'm not sure. It was very interesting and was quite touted as producing great results. I'm afraid I would have to be in much, much worse shape to try it, though.

  3. Mikie

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    In the past who did this. I don't know whether any of them are still around. I believe there are new ways of injecting the venom without having to keep live bees. There was a guy online selling the bee venom in emu oil which is absorbed through the skin.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Wolverine

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    Thanks guys, yeh theres still alot of people stinging themselves for pain and getting results! Long as your not allergic to it. One of my naturopaths has a tube of imported cream that contains bee venom and im gong to try it before i start a stingin again! But i tell u what that one time i did it, nade a huge diff!

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    i saw a tv show some years ago, connie chung did it. she showed a woman who was a nurse, she has ms, she was in a wheelchair and a daiper. she found out abouut bee stings, her husband stung her at 1st. she got so much better, out of the wheelchair and could use the bathroom on her own. she then started to run a clinic out of her home and there was a huge reponse. if i could find a dr. to do it ,i sure would try it. i'll have to call my doc and see. take care kim
  6. Mikie

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    Either with a cream or by sting, be sure to get an anti-venom kit from the doc. You can become allergic at any time and the more you use the venom, the greater your chances of developing an allergy.

    This is a real risk to consider because once a person develops an allergy, he or she is vulnerable to fatal shock in the case of an accidental sting.

    Love, Mikie
  7. pam_d

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    I'm in my late 40s, have never been stung by a bee in my life. But I have so many strong allergies to things that I never would attempt this, not even with an anti-venom kit near me!

    Will be interesting to see if anyone gets lasting FM/CFS results from this; keep us informed & good luck with it.

  8. healing

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    Well, actually, not I, but a friend of mine who has MS, which is one the diseases (along with arthritis) usually associated with bee sting therapy -- at least in the US. My friend did bee stings for about 9 months and also ate a lot of "bee pollen" -- both bees and pollen came from a local beekeeper. Although I've read convincing stories from people who swear by this modality, sadly my friend was not helped by it at all. He does not suffer from many allergies, so that was never a consideration for him.
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    Honestly, when I was a kid bees, wasp or anything with a stinger would fly 100 miles just to sting me!!!!! (only a slight exageration...(((smile))) ) I'll bet I've been stung a kazillon times in my life, and not once have I ever thought about doing it on purpose! IT HURTS!!!

    Sumbuni (having a better day)

    ps..about the mosquitoe bites...that too was a misery as a child...they raise huge whelps where ever they sat down to lunch, and itched so badly that I scratched big sores..I still have scars from some of them. The really odd thing is, now they do bite me, (I've seen them do it) but there is never a whelp, never an itch.
  10. deepthinker

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    A very good friend of mine has a daughter-in-law that uses bee stings for MS. She decided to try it one time because it had helped her daughter-in-law so much. They even talked to the doctor before trying it and he said sure give it a try. Well, my friend is diabetic also and with just two bee stings her blood sugar shot to over 600. It happened so quick they really didn't even know it had happened, she just felt a little funny, she called her doctor and he suggested she check her sugar. (Her diet and exercise hadn't changed from any other day, so was ruled out as a possible cause.) She ended up in the emergency room and they had to give her larger doses of insulin to get the sugar under control. Since that time, she was stung once, and again her sugar shot up but not quite as high. She had no swelling, breathing problems, or redness either time and would not have known the damage this treatment caused if she hadn' felt a little different than normal. Please be cautious and check with your doctor before trying these treatments, and even if they say okay, use caution and watch for anything other than the way you normally feel. This isn't your typical allergy reaction but it can be just as deadly if it goes undetected.
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    There is a local doctor who uses this therapy quite a bit with pretty good results. i tried it once but had a pretty nasty allergic reaction and did not risk another chance even though I did notice an increase in energy after the stings. I would be very careful about the risks involved, however, before proceding.
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  12. paulalbert

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    How is apitherapy any different than giving small injections of cortisol, natural or otherwise? Studies by important people in this field say that injections of cortisol are not a good long term fix.

  13. mamacilla

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    i did bee sting therapy for about 6 months and it was not my choice to stop. the supplier would not continue to ship me just 1 box of bees at a time, , said i had to be on automatic ship (which was ok) of 4 boxes a month (which was not ok). there are 60 bees per box and as i was using only 8-16 per week,
    it would have been ridiculous for me to buy so many. the supplier is in maryland, and is the only one i know of that guarantees disease and mite-free bees. life span of a bee is 6-7 weeks and they ship when they are 3 weeks old.

    i was definitely improved. there is a booklet and website also that have charts showing where to sting, depending on your problem. the woman who got me on to this is a nurse with ms and it has done wonders for her; she's been doing it since 93. ms people need more stings and sting in different places than fibro people. i would deaden the areas with ice so rarely felt the sting. my husband did it for me. when i would sting on my upper back/shoulders and near the neck, i would have great relief of muscle tightness. you have to leave the stinger in for 10-20 minutes and that's not as bad as it sounds. i did it about twice a week.

    oh, and yes, i got an epipen from my doctor before the first sting.

    my personal feeling is that the sting directly from the bee is much more beneficial than topical cream or even injections that some doctors give. and it's a lot more convenient than going to the doctor's office several times a week, and more cost effective. (at least it was when i could still get 1 box at a time!)
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    My brother was a beekeeper in the '60's and he said that bee stings was supposed to help artheritis. He got plenty of them. He's 65 now and to my knowledge he's healthy. He has his own business and is still very active. My experience with bee stings though, I don't think I would do it on purpose. Too painful!
  15. we have a bees nest outside our house, we have been trying to kill them off with not much luck. There are tons of them! If I knew it would help I would let them all sting me! OUCH!