anyone tried comp therapies?

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  1. Gilly26

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    Hi Folks
    Has anyone in the UK tried comlimentary therapies and if so how did u find them. I am trying it but going through hell!! please help.

    thank you
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    some helped and others made it worse.

    Since many alternative/complementary practioners have a poor understanding of these DDs, they can make matters worse. In naturopathic medicine there is what's known as a healing crisis. What you need to consider is - (a) is this a healing crisis and (b) if so is the practioner going too fast.

    It may well be that the treatment is entirely wrong for you. Many years ago a local medical herbalist practice told PWME/PVFS they were curing people with their protocols that included a blend of ginsengs. Everyone who tried their protocol became worse.

    The problem is complementary therapists often think they are treating chronic fatigue, burn out, etc.

    There have been good outcomes through complementry medicine in the UK; but it needs a good lateral thinking practioner who is capable of understanding what's going wrong.

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  3. Gilly26

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    Hi Tansy

    Than u for your reply I am at the moment having acupuncture a thing called moxa treatment and have been zapped by a machine that is supposed to kill off the virus i have. However since having this treatment on tuesday I have been in bed everything is much worse. I have wondered if this is a healing crisis?? or is it just making things worse. I am also on an anti candida diet. I had trigger point injections in my back at the beginning of the year and I had a similar reaction and it didnt help the pain.
    How are u managing your illnes? I am currently taking tramadol, amytriptaline, nabilone and zopiclone and have been ill for nearly two yrs. drop me a line and let me know how u are doing.

    Take care

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