Anyone tried Crests ProHealth noalcohol mouthrinse for red gums?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by G.I.Jane, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. G.I.Jane

    G.I.Jane New Member

    Hi everybody! I've had the red gums issue since I started with FMS. Has anyone with this gum problem tried Crest's new mouthwash Pro Health Rinse with CPC (0.07% Cetylpyridinium Chloride as an antibacterial agent - no alcohol in this rinse - looks like no salicylates, either, for guaif folks). Alcohol has a tendency to just irritate gum tissue so this sparked my interest - any experiences out there? Jane :)
  2. G.I.Jane

    G.I.Jane New Member

    Anybody?! :)) Jane
  3. kriskwon

    kriskwon New Member

    Yes, I use it every day. I used to have perfect teeth, but gor some reason they ae quickly deteriating (sp?). I know use ACT Restoring Mouthwash (it's new) before I brush and then Crest's after. I've been doig this for about 2 weeks and it's really helped my gums
  4. barbinindiana

    barbinindiana New Member

    The gal that cleans my teeth just recommended this mouth wash to me the last time she cleaned my teeth, so I figure it must be good. We'll see. Been using it a month, and hoping it helps.
  5. G.I.Jane

    G.I.Jane New Member

    Hi! Thank you all for writing :) I've been battling the nasty red gum issue for ages now, it's so gross. And healthy gums are important - I'm determined to find something that works. I will definitely try your suggestions - thank you!! ~ Jane

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