Anyone tried Devin's TrP test in eyes

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    As some of you know I am fighting with the book of Devin Starlanyl. Since English is my second language and never learnt biology in English, it is very difficult for me. Oh yes, do not mention the every day mind-fod. :(

    Anyway, she wrote about a test for TrP in the eye (muscle). You put your hand n the top of your head and look forward untill you can see your hand (fingers). If you feel pain at looking forward you have problem with TrP.
    I did it and hurts badly. Is it just because we usually do not look upwards or it is a TrP there?

    Probably she will wrote about possible treatments for this TrP, but I haven't got so far yet. Do you know anything about this?


  2. spatialbean

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    and I had a painful response to them. I thought in the past that my eye pain was because I have thyroid disease that effects my eyes. Maybe it is thyroid, maybe it is the fibro, maybe it is both??? The muscles around my eyes twitch until I am about to go insane, especially when I am tired.

    I don't remember what it said about the treatment.

  3. sunnysideliving

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    Hello Claudia,

    Thanks for you answer! Sorry to hear that you have a DD which effects your eyes. I also get them checked since I felt something wrong there. My glasses became 2 dioptre stronger after the checking, but I was told it is normal after almost 2 years.
    However, now you scared me a bit. Can a oculist find this disease looking at your eyes? Of course, she was quite thourough, but still I am not confident.

    I will check the treatment (probably myofascial release), but today I can not read this book. It is too heavy with that fog.

    Take care,

  4. Dara

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    eye "test", it caused a lot of pain for me in both of my eyes, then followed with a headache.

  5. sunnysideliving

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    Hello Dara,

    Wow, I am sorry to hear that you got headache too. I just only had pain when I tried, but my headache was not increased. (Unfortunately, I have headache almost everyday.)

    Have you tried to find any treatment for the eye muscles? I believe it is partly causing my headache.

    When I can read that book I will let you know about the recommended treatment or you might read it at Devin Starlanyl's webpage.

    Thank you for the information!
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    i 've read her's a good one.i did the eye test really hurt my eyes and they felt strange for a little while vision was off for awhile too.i'm going to a chiro right now who is treating my trp that cause headaches.between him and massage i don't get headaches very often anymore.i also sleep on a pillow that gives me proper support.hope this helps you some!

    kathy c
  7. spatialbean

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    I didn't mean to scare you!!

    The disease I have that effects my eyes is one that is mentioned a lot around here, thyroid disease. Mine is specifically called Graves disease. If your physician has done a thyroid test on you, he or she would be able to tell if you have thyroid problems.

    If you have hyperthyroid, the eye doctor will check the pressure in your eyes to see if your eyes are being effected by the thyroid.

  8. sunnysideliving

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    Hello Claudia,

    During my eyes examination the pressure was checked, so I hope it is not the case for me. I will look at my blood tests and check if I can see something for thyroid. (over 100 tests :( )

    I feel OK, but you know I was afraid of eyes problem.

    Thanks a lot for clarification!

    BTW, you have beautiful name and brings back good memories. ;)
  9. sunnysideliving

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    Thanks Kathy!

    I started to look good pillow, but now that you mention I will try to find a proper one. I was wondering if it is possible to try them before you buy them. I mean it costs about $120 per each, and I have already some which does not help at all.

  10. Applyn59

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    I posted Devin's eye article here and don't remember
    if I tried it before.

    My eyes always hurt me when I have the flu. In fact,
    that is one way that I can tell I have the flu. However,
    I seem to notice that my eyes hurt even without being

    Does anyone else's eyes hurt them when they
    just move them from side to side?

    The looking up test? When I first did it, it didn't
    hurt, but I just looked up lightly. If I look up like
    I am trying to really open my eyes wide, it hurts
    a lot and does seem to induce headache feelings.

    I have never associated this with FMS until I posted
    that article! Except she doesn't mention moving
    the eyes side to side. Any one else have that
    problem, too?

  11. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

  12. Jillian40

    Jillian40 New Member

    Sunny -

    I too love Devin Starlanyl's book(s). When I was at my most
    desperate for sleep and relief from my pain, I found her book in the library. I was only then that I was able to diagnose myself . . . after reading one of her books.

    Anyway . . . what I wanted to comment on . . .
    I noticed that she offers a 2-hour video, "Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome: The Trigger Point Guide. It is available from New Harbinger Publications (800/748-6273?). I have found good success from (other) Trp's through the use of massage (a male with strong hands) and by a doctor, D.O. (board certified in Visceral Manipulation).

    I have her book entitled "The Fibromyalgia Advocate". I am sure that she goes into more detail on TrPs in her other book, "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Survival Manual"

    God Bless, ............ Jill
  13. Achy-shaky

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    I just looked up in her book "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" & if you are talking about pain behind the eyes, the best place to massage is back of head right below base of scull before the neck. This is also good for migraines. For eye strain and movement pain the TrPs would be around the eyes which you can gently rub with fingertips with eyes closed. Massaging both of these help my eye pain.
    I love this has helped me deal with my myofascial pain so much.

  14. sunnysideliving

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    Hello Achy-shaky,

    I have another book of her FMS and CMP: A Survival Guide.
    I wish I had the therapy book you mentioned. Finally, I was diagnosed with CFS and my treatment will start in August. I might invest to the book you mentioned, to keep up with the therapy probably will be used with me. :O
    (It is pity that getting a book here to Europe, costs a lot and slow like a snail.)

    Anyway, thank you for the idea of massaging the back of skull. I will try quite possibly tomorrow. :(

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