anyone tried diazipam

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  1. clerty

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    I took 2mg on saturday before my long flight back to Singapore and I felt it really helped me I got a great sleep is there much difference between that and clonazipam
    my worry is it is very addictive!!!

  2. redtex

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    both are long acting benzodiazepines. yes they are addictive but 2mg is a very low dose . i take klonopin because i had rather sleep and be dependant on a drug than suffer sleep deprivation. the doctor i last saw says i need to figure out why i can't sleep so i won't need it. i tell him it fibro. he says that fibro is just a term for a collection of symptoms not a disease. more of the same doctor stuff. i am looking for a new doctor.glad you slept on your trip.i hope to travel again someday.
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    I have taken diazepam for over 6 years and I personally have never had a problem with addition. Diazepam has helped me temendously. My doc montiors my dosage.

    2mg is a very small dose. I gake 5-10 mg twice a day or as needed.

    You are on such a small dose that I wouldnt worry at the moment, all drugs have the possibility of bieng addictive unfrotunatly. But if you follow your docotors orders and you start at low doeses, I think you could do well.

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    for all the advice
  5. clerty

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    to Germany do you like it,I love the black forest!!!!

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    I have used Diazapam since 1967. My doctor doesn't hesitate to write scripts for 2mg four times a day. I may have a mild addiction in that I could voluntarily stop using it but I would have increased muscle spasms and anxiety for a ten days to two weeks.

    In all the years that I have taken Diazapam, I have never felt the need or the desire to increase my dosage.

    Having said all of that, I do have to admit that it is not as effective as it once was. It relaxes me and helps to reduce some of the muscle and joint pain but not nearly as well as it did in the beginning. I also will take a low dosage of Celebrex and/or Wellbutrion on really painful days.

  7. clerty

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    for the advice