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  1. 9974

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    Hi everyone!!!
    It just seems to me that knowone knows what is causeing
    this and are grasping at straws for a cure that it could
    very well be some type of toxin. Maybe in the food or the
    water. I lean to the water side, heaven knows what they
    put in it these day's.

    I have been trying to find out the chem. compond in
    chlorine but can't find it. Just have this gut feeling
    that something is up. so I'm going to give fasting a
    chance. What have I got to loose Im going down hill faster
    by the day.And if it was good enough for JESUS who am I
    to judge. think I'll try a four day first.
    NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shirl

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    I am not sure about the water, I have never actually drank city water. I have had well water that was from deep wells in an area that had no toxic materials in the ground for the better part of my life untill now. I also use the Brita filter for the well water.

    I also drink Evian bottled water which is very good. Do you drink water? If not you need to drink half your body weight in OUNCES of water a day. I have felt so very much better since I started doing this about a year and a half ago.

    If you put chlorine in your search engine, it will probably give you the composition of it. I do not know anything about it, and my very smart husband is not here (he is very good at that kind of stuff!).

    Do you go in swimming pools? they are full of chlorine, I think they also use it in the public hot tubs too.

    I doubt if fasting could hurt you, just be sure you drink water and juices as you can dehydrate that way.

    Also try eating as much fresh natural foods as you can find, and stay away from processed foods and white flour products.

    I eat so little food, I live on a fast!

    Shalom, Shirl

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  3. Mikie

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    You can buy an inexpensive filter which will remove it. I bought a more complex filter which runs the water through two filters and an ultraviolet light to kill everything. You can also buy an ozonator to add oxygen to your drinking water and purify it.

    Most chlorine comes from using bleach in the laundry, paper towels, and white coffee filters. Swimming pools are another source of contamination.

    Many of us suffer from hyopglycemia and fasting can be very, very dangerous to us. I would not do it more than one day a week and would drink filtered water. Some of the purified water in stores has other chemicals used to purify it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Unlike Mikie, I did used to drink city water until about 9 months before I got sick. For 7 years before I got CFIDS, I was getting sicke with something every 2 months. When I quit drinking (alcohol) I figured I'd quit getting sick. Nope--it took switching to bottled water. Filters are much cheaper than even generic store-brand water.
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    Thanks for the info you are all so helpfull. I guess I'm grasping at straws to. It just seems to me that it is something that we are all takeing into our bodies?

    I am 39 years old six feet tall 198 pounds. I have worked construction all my life, and now I can't mow the grass without it putting me down for to days. sometimes I just sit and cry is that crazy or what. just feel so helpless. Sometimes I wish it were on the outside so everyone could see how I feel and that I'm not fakeing.

    Well thanks for the help LOVE YA'LL GOD BLESS!!!!

    Lonnie M.
  6. Shirl

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    I though you were a woman! Its strange you gave your size and weight, I just told a friend I wished my daugher was 6' tall and 200lbs so that I would not have to worry about her safety!

    I can understand how you feel, its so darn hard not to be able to do the things that you used to do, and can't find the reason for it.

    Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing his tail (not my dog, he's a PIt Bull and his tail is almost non-existant), trying to find an answer to this whole miserable thing that we are forced to live with.

    I know its has got to be harder for a young man like yourself to be in this condition. It affects the male ego I do believe more than the women.

    Have you tired taking magnesim? Thats what helped me so very much. I am so much better from taking Pro Energy (malic acid and magnesium Glycinate) and ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6). The ZMA has been a Godsend for sleep, muscle spasms and the pain.

    ZMA was originally designed for men who liftweights, to help heal strained muscles, but for some reason it also induces stage four sleep which most of us suffer so bady from.

    I got the information for it from a man who was on the board named Mel over a year ago. I have been sleeping now since Feburary of last year. First time in my life I have ever slept 7-8 hours a night without waking up every hour on the hour.
    I also rarely get those spasms anymore either. You might want to give it a try.

    They do know (medical profession) that most CFS/FM patients are deficient in this mineral.

    the Pro Energy does help with the energy level, and also the pain.

    Both can be bought here at Pro Health, just go to the 'Store' link at the top of this page and you can read more about both of them.

    Pro Health started selling the ZMA for us about 10 months ago, the same brand that is so wonderful for sleep. IF you buy it elsewhere be sure its the brand by SNAC. The other brands don't seem to work. Pro Health does sell the SNAC brand now for us, and its a whole lot cheaper.

    One more thing, I would highly recommend a book called; 'The Miracle of Magnesium' by Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D.

    It will amaze you how badly people in general are deficient in this mineral, plus its so important to our bodies from our brain to our feet!

    I know this is long, but I would so like to help someone young like yourself to get better! More than for myself. I did live my life and enjoyed it immensely before this FM hit me so bad that I had to change my whole way of living. I have two son's, one in construction and I know how he would feel if this hit him. He is such a mocho guy! The other one is at University to be a teacher.

    God bless, and if you have any questions, or just want to let off steam, we are here to listen..........

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Dr. Devin Starlanyl writes about reactive hypoglycemia in her two wonderful books, "The Fibromyalgia Advocate," and "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain," especially in the second book I mentioned. She says it is another condition many doctors "Don't believe in." But Dr. Starlanyl believes in it, has fibromyalgia herself, and says that many of us exhibit the symptoms of it even if the tests don't support it. Getting a handle on our reactive hypoglycemia would help us a lot. She strongly advocates the Zone diet books by Bary Sears.

    The very next day after reading about that, I was in a second hand store and found one of those Zone diet books in great condition for ten cents! I've read around in the book and I think it has a lot to offer. I have to go back and read it more carefully.

    Anyway, I'm with Mikie. As soon as I saw the idea of fasting, my "Danger flag" went up. I would not try it. It would be much better to follow Barry Sears' ideas. He does talk about dealing with food allergies, and offers very good directions.

    By the way, Dr. Starlanyl says, "Reactive hypoglycemia is not the same as fasting hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar that occurs when you don't eat."

  8. 9974

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    Thanks to all for the input. but I'm trying it anyhow, last meal was sunday evening. Suprised but I really don't feel that bad just a little weak and a light headache. Going for four day's. talk to ya'll tomorrow......I hope.....

    Whats for SUPPER!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Interesting that you brought this up. I've wondered myself because I have a friend who has Polymyositis (and if you think FM is bad, try having that!) who was going to go through a treatment which required total fasting - for weeks! Other sufferers had reported miraculous results, but she was too thin to begin with and had to quit after a few days.

    I agree with others who have answered - do not try it for any length of time without medical supervision. My friend had to go into a hospital for her fasting. Also, the point about hypoglycemia is very valid. You could easily have it without knowing it and end up passed out on the sidewalk somewhere.


  10. 9974

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    Ok I give, made it three days and feel worse than when I started. Anybody got any new ideas? I'll be the guinea pig. Have no life anyway just lay here and hurt.

    Bye Ya'll Thanks!!!!!!
    Lonnie M.
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    Fasting? You took the words right out of my mouth. I'm grasping for straws too. I've fasted plenty of times. The first day is always the hardest for me. I think i'm due for a 3-5 day fast.