Anyone Tried Gupta Amygdala Re-Training Program?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by purma, May 15, 2009.

  1. purma

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    I am cosidering giving this a try and have 2 questions for anyone that has tried it:

    1) Have you improvemed on it? If so, specifically what has improved and to what extent?

    2) What techniques are included in the program? I've read everything on his
    website and watched all 3 hrs of the free Youtube videos (the first 3 sessions
    of the DVD program) which include lots of info on the theory, but virtually
    nothing on what the program actually consists of, not even an overview.

    I would greatly appreciate input on the above. Thanks!

    BTW: I have no delusions that this program provides the be-all end-all cause and cure of CFIDS/ME per Gupta's theory. However, over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system appears to play at least some role in CFIDS/ME, and perhaps reducing this activation (if the program can actually achieve this) could potentially result in at least some noticeable improvement (I hope).

    Thanks Again!

  2. gapsych

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    We have had several posters ask the same thing. Some of them are posting for Gupta. Do you post the same thing on other sites?

    Hate to sound so skeptical, but this is what has been happening.

    It is simply like any other relaxation therapy such as visualization, meditating, etc. While it might help, it would take a long time to accomplish this. Also as you go through the program to get to the final stages, you pay extra money.

    A lot of us are on disability and if cheaper options are available, I would go with that.

    If you are willing to spend a lot of money on a therapy that you can get cheaper through other means, go with it.

    This is your choice.


    btw, while the search function is still not up and running as well as it should, try it to get more information. If nothing comes up, look to the right of a page where you will see the same topic heading and click on that. Sometimes it helps pull up more information.
  3. gapsych

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    "appeared to be false posts. BUT, I came to realize that a few of them were FOR SURE not false. I wont go in to how they proved"

    I would appreciate it if you could elaborate on the above quote. How did you come to this realization?

    I have done a lot of research on Gupta I have a scientific background, not to brag but to put my comments in perspective.

    The amygdata is connected with our stress responses. But it needs more than a program like this to be "retrained" if that is possible.

    If you like to read some scientific articles I would be glad to give you their websites.

    I have read his posts, seen interviews. Anyone can set up a website and make outragious claims to make a lot of money. But what would be worse is if he actually believes this.

    There has only been one study done by gupta himself with people who had already paid to get on the program. This study does not fit the criteria for a legitimate scientific study and has been widely criticized.

    If it helps you great. I really mean that. I think it is helpful to see all sides of an issue.

    But I am still skeptical.


    BTW, we are not suppose to put email addresses here and would hate to see your post removed as this is an interesting subject. Just a head's up.

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  5. m1she11e

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    sorry about breaking the rules!!!

    I dont know what else to say but what I already said. Im just being honest with my experience and wanted to pass it on to the person inquiring. I am not going to take the time to elaborate just to argue. I dont really care if you believe me to be honest. Not here for a fight. As far as the the part about "as you go through the program you have to pay more for the final sessions???" Huh? Not the Gupta program.

    Very tired, long day, and as I said "I havent even put the program to use so cant say it has worked or not worked for me personally." I was just stating that I know people that it is for sure working for. Do I think it will work for everyone? Of course not!!

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  6. gapsych

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    I can certainly relate to the tiredness. Bummer.

    If/when you feel like it, I would still be interested in what you have to say.

    Giving facts about something is not arguing and can be quite enlightening.

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    I just wrote a long, drawn out post and it vanished...I am soooo mad! It was a good one too.

    If this one works, I will take a little computer break and come back and try it again.

    It worked so I will be back. It was probably too long and it froze the whole system up...:)
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  8. m1she11e

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    Okay, I am going to try the short version as best as I am capable...

    I have been sick for 27 years and have tried most everything. Along with all of the vitamins, prescriptions, detox methods (saunas, baths, etc.), exercises, and such, I became interested in the power of the mind. I have thrown a Louise Hays book across the room though so I am an open minded skeptic for sure.

    I found Gupta on youtube in my endless quest. I searched his name on this site first and found alot of posts that I thought sounded an awful lot like what Gupta himself would say. They seemed fake to me. I really wanted to get to the truth and get in touch with people who really had the program. I was not concerned with, and am not concerned with SCIENCE! Science cannot explain everything! With that said, more and more people with a "scientific" background are going the mind/body route.

    After being discouraged on this site with either people being plain rude to anyone who thought they got well with Gupta or some of the posts looking fake, I continued my search.
    (Heck, I have nothing better to do these days) I found a site that covered alot of CFS topics and one of them was Gupta. I started a thread called "fake Gupta posts." I got alot of people mad, including Gupta himself who responds to questions on the board. He started out eloquent and became down right fed up with mu accusations. Okay, through all this some one private messaged me and gave me info to look him up and found he was a professor at a University in New Zealand. That didnt do it at first but I did more research and found who he was. I also accidentally found Dr. Lapp had stayed at this man's house while attending a conference in New Zealand. This man has been very active on several boards for a long time and very active in the CFS/ME community. It took time but I believed him. He never over sold the program and even talked to me about whether I had tried other things. His reports were not of him, but of his wife and children. He used to post here but got tired of the negative responses and I dont blame him. There were points he quit posting and I got a hold of him directly and asked about his wife and there were certainly times I didnt get it was working all that smooth. There is no doubt in my mind he is sincere. Have I met him and had a lie detector test done? No. I was actually disappointed cause he quit posting for so long that maybe it didnt work at all. Recently though, he did come back and his wife is doing VERY well. I think the kids arent responding quite as well though.

    Around the time I was questioning the false posters, I would not back down at all. Some one who had done the program for I think 9 months posted that it was a great program for stress, anxiety and dealing with the emotional side of the illness but didnt think it was a cure.
    I responded alot like Gap did in this thread about what I thought it was and I could do all of that on my own without dropping the 190.00. (??) Ashov basically told me that since I would not stop commenting on something I really didnt have any first hand experience with, he was sending me the program to try for free. He only asked I use it for the full 6 months and make a dedication to all aspects of it. I was starting Valcyte, then Famvir and got really sick and Ashov said I needed to do either or. That is how skeptical I was, I went the AV route and put his info in the drawer. I was very interested in it though and read through it and realized it was way more than what I thought. I almost just went that route but was determined to treat the HHV6.

    (This is getting long and if it goes missing too I will throw the computer!!!)

    I have developed a friendship with some one else who was doing Valcyte and used to be a MP all star until she relapsed. She is a researcher and really knows her stuff. She sent me a letter from an Australian man she has been in contact with for some time as he did the MP protocol at one time too. He also was doing the cpn protocol most recently. He sent her and all the CFS/ME friends he has made over the years a letter. A copy of that letter is on another site.
    Can I give the name of it? I am not sure the rules on that either. Anyways, it is an amazing letter. Everyone can relate to it and he is doing a combination of mind/body things with Gupta's program at the top of the list. So far, he is getting crazy good results.

    There is also a lady who posted here. If you search you will find her eventually. She did Valcyte, addressed POTS, did adrenal support and did Gupta's program. She believes the Valcyte did nothing and that the other things, mainly the Gupta is what got her 75% better.
    She is an old poster. Came back to post and answer some questions and disappeared. To me disappearing is a good sign.

    This is enough proof for me. I really dont care about Science all the time as it has let us down many times. Not everything can be explained through Science.

    I pulled out my Gupta info because of this thread. I am gonna do it no matter how crappy the AV's have left me feeling. I am going to do it 100% It is way more than relaxation, breathing and postive thinking/visualization. The hard part is stopping negative feelings or any feelings a healthy person would not have. There is a process that looks idiotic that you do to stop the process. Im also going to get off of these boards for 6 months. (after this thread) This has motivated me to really give it a try. At this point, I dont see any other options in my near future. I do eat healthy and will continue to do so.

    I didnt mean to make this about me. I have just been seeing that Gupta program in my drawer and seeing more and more things that make me think I just have to try it. I have NOTHING to lose and did not spend a dime!!! Really! Oh, and once you buy the program that is it. There is FOR SURE not mysteries that are revealed later at a cost. You just do the program faithfully. It is alot of work!

    Thats that. I hope I answered what you wanted.

    Good luck to all of us!
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  9. purma

    purma New Member

    Michelle (et al):

    Thank you so much for your input. Regarding my second question (specifically what techniques and practices are included in the program) you wrote:

    "I was very interested in it though and read through it and realized it was way more than what I thought."

    "It is way more than relaxation, breathing and postive thinking/visualization. The hard part is stopping negative feelings or any feelings a healthy person would not have. There is a process that looks idiotic that you do to stop the process."

    I keep asking this question everywhere I can on-line and I keep on hearing what the program is NOT, only the vaguest comments about what it does, but VIRTUALLY NOTHING about what specific techniques and practices it actually consists of. Since you have the program, could you please dispel the mystery and enlighten us all on this?

    Thanks So Much Again!

  10. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    With due respect, what seems somewhat amiss is that for someone who has not even tried the program, you are very enthusiastic about it.

    I may be way off base here, but why don't you start the program and post your progress.

    I think as consumers it is imperative that we know as much about the program before spending money. As, I said before a lot of us are on disability and need to prioritize how we spend our money.

    I believe you are real.

    I believe you are enthusiastic and sincere in what you believe.

    But I also believe that you can't use other's personal opinions, reactions to something, even talking to Gupta himself as the ONLY way of backing up statements.

    Science is important and if he wants people to pay for his program the onus is on him to prove that his theory works.

    People are skeptical here because of previous posters not saying what the program is about, just reporting progress without giving the details. I guess you have to pay to get this information.

    He may not be an out and out quack but he is somewhere in that gray area.

    I think I have said all I can as my intention in responding to this post is to give out information.

    Take care.


    ETA I may not have been clear in my statement about paying towards the end of the program. What I was referring to was workshops, books and such which can add up towards the end.

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  11. m1she11e

    m1she11e New Member

    I dont feel it is my place to give details of how to do the program. If I could get a hold of you directly I would give you details Jim. I just dont think that is really fair to Ashov. I was looking for the same details myself. I just dont want to do it on a message board. This one in particular. Make sense?? Go on other boards where people can send you personal messages.

    Okay Gap, Im excited because I have been VERY scared and depressed for the last month as AV's have droopped me to a level of illness I never thought possible. I had to quit my job and I am applying for disability so I dont believe in wasting money either. I have none to waste! Ive stuck everything I can in my mouth. My leg, arm and face are numb and it scares me like you would not believe. I am basing my opinion on others I have talked to for the reasons I stated. I think I have that right! I didnt meet Montoya when I started the Valcyte, nor did I meet anyone who got well. Same thing with every supplement and antibiotic I have ever taken. I research and try to make the best decision possible.

    Right now, for me, Gupta is free now that I own it. (well, I didnt buy it but if I had, once it is bought you dont have to worry about it running out) There are NO WORKSHOPS OR ADDITIONALS after the purchase. Im sure if you live near his center you can attend such things but is not promoted or even offered!! I cant afford to run any more tests or buy any more supplements or drugs. The fact that I am excited and allowed the info I gathered to get me there is a heck of alot better than thinking all the what ifs and being scared!

    I think Jim is looking for people who have SOME experience with the program. At least I have it and have talked to others that have it. At least I am not giving my personal opinion on something I have never even taken a look at.

    Good luck Jim! Try some other boards. I go by the same user name. Check out my bio. If I can personal message you I will. I will be happy to give you details at that point. I was in your boat. I would never tell you to buy it or not buy it. It does work for some though. I hope it works for me. If it does, I will tell anyone who will listen. Im really trying hard with it today and I am not cured yet :) but it does feel so much better to stop the negative thoughts!!!!

    Sorry to be excited about something you dont approve of Gap...

    God help us all!!!
  12. m1she11e

    m1she11e New Member

    Do you believe in God and can you explain how Bees can fly???? :)????
  13. purma

    purma New Member

    I made a similar post requesting info on the Gupta program on the yahoo group CFSMExperimental here:

    If you don't feel comfortable posting details, you can e-mail me direct at that site by clicking on the "send e-mail" link to the right of my post.

  14. gapsych

    gapsych New Member


    Aerodynamic engineers can explain why bees fly.

    I have not said you are in pain. I understand the feelings you have as we are all in this together.

    I am not saying do not do this. That is your choice.

    I think you are missing the point.

    I am just stating my opinion and will not reply again as all that is doing is bumping up this post.

    Jim, good luck with finding out information.

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  15. m1she11e

    m1she11e New Member

    That explains alot. You do have a fun personality even we clearly have different beliefs. I thought no one could explain how bees fly...darn!!!!
  16. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Thanks. It would be a boring world if we all believed in the same things.

    I am not Satan, LOL!! I just put my beliefs in more worldly things. I feel I am a moral person and am comfortable with my beliefs.

    I do wish you the best.

    Now where did I put my pitchfork, LOL!!

    Take care.

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  17. m1she11e

    m1she11e New Member


    I didnt ask if you believed in God to judge that. I hoped you would say "yes" cause then I was going to say "well prove his/her existence with Science!" That and bees were my two aces in the hole!!! You ruined them both!

  18. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Michelle, I am not saying you can't ever make decisions by blind faith or hunches. I know that sounds like I am contradicting myself which I guess I am in a way. I think that sometimes our subconscious can be steering us towards a certain path and we can go by our gut feelings.

    You have a right to your feelings. You have a right to believe in what you want you want. You have a right to say you believe in God. You don't have to explain that.

    I just tend to err on the side of science when it comes to treatments. What can I say, my father was a professor of debate so I don't see these as arguments. Does this show? I try to debate the issues and not put people down.

    Maybe I don't always see that debate may come across as arguing. I have no right to tell people what to do but we all have a right to our opinions.

    There are lots of things we can't explain. I can't explain why being in a forest makes me feel relaxed. I can't explain the wonderment of the universe and a lot of human behavior. I can't explain how I sometimes know what my daughter's are going to say. Maybe it is because I am their mother and can read nonverbal signals. I don't know.

    Some things I don't have to know. However, right now what is really driving me crazy is the fact that I can't explain why there are ants in my kitchen bringing in enough dirt in two hours to make a cozy home, when they should have drowned in the torrential rains we had last night.

    Okay, okay I will stop.This is getting too deep and maybe should be on the spiritual/ worship board. I am rambling, my fibro fog is kicking in and my body is telling me to go take a nap. I can't explain that, LOL!!

    Smiley face here.


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  19. slowdreamer

    slowdreamer New Member

    Thanks M1Shelle for your perseverence and courage not to mention intelligence..I have enjoyed this debate..You are a trooper Gap..

    Are we all more uncompromising than others or does the illness do this to us..

    I am considering the program because it may have something for me.

    I totally accept that mind states change Biology but whether this is consciously accessible I am not sure.
    <Latest info from Psychoneuroimmunology would also support this.
    I once got well from ME/CFS real treatments..just living naturally and I was young...

    By the way Gap I loathe the blaming guilt trip of the Louise Hay school of haywire thought.
    Good Luck everybody
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  20. m1she11e

    m1she11e New Member

    I dont look forward to much these days, but after checking me email I went right to this thread. Maybe it is just the interesting interaction. I dont like when it gets rude though. (and I dont think it did)

    Slowdreamer- I am the one that through the Louise Hays book across the room! I CANNOT read her stuff and completely agree with you. I have a book about 50 CFS/ME recoveries. All of the stories are different. They arent selling anything and I downloaded the book for next to nothing. What was interesting is that many people changed up their diet but not all followed the same diet principles. Some did a drug or some supplements but that was not what got even ONE of them well. (No one in the book did Gupta BTW) All of their healings came from within. They all used different routes too. It is very inspiring! I just read the John Sarnos book 'Mind Body Prescription' and it is very cut and dry. I dont know that I can buy into all of it but I really have thought alot about his theories. I guess after about 15 years into this thing, I thought about all the money I spent and hours of research on the body and the science of it all. The more I researched, and the more time passed I kept thinking "there has to be something more." That is why the Gupta program interested me. I got scared last night though because it felt like my face wasnt going to be working at all at the rate my health is going and I cried for about an hour. I did NOT get up and do my crazy Amygdala retraining once! So I am not saying I think I have the answers.

    Well, it is a new day. I think that the more all of us open our minds and put our heads together, the better our chances of overcoming this "thing" are.

    Am I uncompromising???? I think I have to compromise so much with being sick that when I get a chance to stand up for what I believe (on line, sitting down, anonymous) boy am I gonna run with it :) !!!

    A good day to all!

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