Anyone tried home biofeedback machines?

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    Lots of thunder storms in our neck of the woods today. When I hurt that bad, and can't do anything else, I sit at my computer and do research about anything FMS and CFS. It helps me feel less helpless and like I am actually doing something productive. :eek:)

    Today I researched biofeedback products. There are several biofeedback devices sold for athletes and body builders to train their minds to drive their bodies do what they want them to. Further reading revealed articles on using these devices to teach people to mediate their own bodys' pain and or stress response, thereby making any pain medications more effective.

    These devices are less expensive in the long run than biofeedback appointments, with the added benefit of getting to keep the equipment when you are done. Some of them come with computer program interfaces which show your personal progress in graphics on your screen and tracks your stats. Sound like fun toys -- some have a video game like interaction.

    Does anyone else here have any information about these devices. Has anyone used them? Anybody know anything about them what so ever? any info would be more than I have.

    hugs from Cat
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    I used temperature/thermal biofeedback 25 years ago to get rid of tension/migraine type headaches. It works great, especially if you can get some hypnosis tapes as well. I still use self hypnosis/meditation today.

    My husband was a psychologist who specialied in pain & mind/body disorders, I also worked as a hypnotherapist with him; we used hypnosis and biofeedback a lot.

    Being able to go into deep states via hypnosis or meditation is very healing; the biofeedback can be used alone to alter your body's responses also. Don't know why it's not used more often.

    But unfortunately I can't tell you anythings about the products available now, except that they're a lot cheaper!

    Good luck, Victoria

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