Anyone tried hyperbaric therapy (oxygenation)?

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  1. Adl123

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    A few years ago a doctor suggested hyperbaric therapy for me (I have CFIDS/Fibro caused by an incurable bone marrow infection). I did not take it because it involved many treatments and they were very expensive.
    I just read that Medicare will accept hyperbaric therapy in some circumstaces if there is a medical necessity, and I checked it out with the medicare office.
    Has anyone tried it? does it help? Are there any chambers that are not like coffins(I am a little claustrophobic)?
    Thanks for any answers I get.
    Oh, yes, does anyone know about a hyperbaric chamber location in or near Butte County, California?
    Thanks again,
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    And the doctor explained to me that if you are claustrophobic, you don't make a good candidate for the therapy. The hyperbaric chamber that's used is much smaller than the ones used in hospitals and although you are in it for less time and the dosage of pure oxygen is lower, you can have severe panic attacks inside the chamber. because the doctor I saw had a patient that almost damaged the machine, he would not put me in the chamber because I am claustrophobic. Jackie
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    I have a friend who has MS. He has a home hyperbaric chamber that he uses for an hour every day. It's like a big blue cocoon. I am not as claustrophobic as I used to be, so I can imagine being in there, especially with music. The ones in hospitals are much larger. If you are severely claustrophobic this may not be the treatment for you. But I'd sure try it out before deciding it's not going to work!
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    I found you! I have been going to chat rooms, then to fibro. room. I realy liked it in there, but today there all talking about being gay. Maybe I'll try later.
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    I did 30 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber. It was a little claustrophobic but I had a walkie talkie with me so I could talk to the technician if I needed to. I also brought in my walkman so I could listen to relaxing music and it really helped (Mozart is best for me). Because I am hot all the time I also brought in a little fan and it kept me cool. The top is clear so at least I could see out. I don't know if I could have done it otherwise.

    Did it work? Yes and no. After the first 10 or 15 sessions I can remember driving home and thinking "This is what normal feels like!" after 9 years of not ever feeling normal. It was wonderful! Then I had a terribly emotional situation take place and I slid right back to the way I was before I started the sessions. Even though I did all 30 I never felt as well as I felt half-way through.

    I think that just proves how CFS is so closely tied to our emotions. When I feel like I have my stress level under control, I am definitely going to try it again even though it is not covered by any insurance here in Canada. If you can get it paid for and try it out first, I would definitely recommend you go for it!