Anyone tried hypnosis? I am the 3rd. of april

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmcerio, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. kmcerio

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    I called this hypnotist and made an appt. I talked to his secretary and told her all that was wrong with me, Fibro, Irregular heartbeat,I have to quit smokinf as I am having trouble breathing, weight loss only weigh 92.8 lbs., no appetite, pain. He is also a psycic very well known around my area. He claims he can temporailrytake away my pain and help me quit smokinf and he is very concerned about my weight loss and loss of appetite. I will let all of you know if it works. Pklease keep your fingers crossed and pray for me as I desperately need to quit smokingor I will be on oxygen.I have smoked since I was15 and I am 52. Very addicted and don't really want to quit but I know I have to. With this terrible DD my cigs. are my only pleasure I have in life. Oh well Pray for me. Karen
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    I'll be thinking about you and keep you in my prayers. I have been wanting to try this, so I will be curious if this helps you. Keep us posted.

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    Hi I was to a Hypnotis March 23rd 2005.. To quit smoking and they were my best friends also.. But a year later and I have not had a cig... breathing is much better ... things taste and smell better too..... Oh and I really did not want to quit either. After 72 hours the nicotine is out of your system and that makes it easier....
    Good Luck and God Bless Diane
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    Hypnosis taught me how to relax, also helped quit a 30 yr smoking habit, along with the nicotine patch for about 12 weeks, slowly decreasing the mg (21, then 14 for first 8 weeks, then last 4 weeks on

    I can go into a trance on my own and completely relax and just lie there and feel like I had a 2 hr nap. It is work to learn it, and takes time, but I loved it while I was doing it. I put a "stop sign" in my vision, to keep my mind from wandering at first. Now I seem to be able to envision a stop sign to make my brain turn off when I go to bed.
  6. lenasvn

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    I would love to hear how it was once you've been there!
  7. wildflowers2

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    I tried it years ago..wasted my money .....It didnt work for me....

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