anyone tried imipramine?

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  1. claireandgiles

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    i havebeen researching meds for my chronic pain. I am currently on elavil (amitriptyline) it causes way too much tiredness!!
    herd that pamelor (nortriptyline) is less sedating.
    Also herd imipramine is the even less sedating one!!
    I have plenty of feedback from amitriptyline and nortriptyline but i am just wondering if imipramine is any different or similar to the others.

    your feedback will be greatly appreciated

    claire xx
  2. zggygirl

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    According to my "bible" "How to make your medicines safe" sedation is not listed as being a side effect.
    It does say that many people are highly sensitive to the side effects and a good starting dose is 10 -25mg per day.
    It says that sometimes 10 can be ineffective and 20 can cause too many side effects.
    In other words it really makes a difference on the dosage.
    Side effects listed are blurred vision, dry mouth, constipation, tremors, agitataion, palpitaions, lightheadedness.
    This book does not go over-board on listing side effects and I wouldn't let the list sway you into not trying it.
    Hope that helps a little bit. I have never tried it personally.
  3. insomniac1

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    hi this is kris, i am 36 and started taking imipramine when i was 14 for panic attaks and fm symptoms. all the time i was on it it did help me especially with the panic attacs. but in 2001 april. i decided it was time to wean my way off of it of course with the help of my doc. anyways i know it helped me but i felt i needed to give my body a break from it since it is an old trycyclic antidepressant and can have seriouse side effects and do damage to your liver and other internal organs. i am now just taking prozac and other pain meds. i think if you read up on it and make sure to talk to your md about the pro's and con's it will help you some. i hope this was of some help to you. kris