anyone tried Isagenix?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by swiss, May 30, 2012.

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    My doctor has highly recommended that I take Isagenix products. Anyone heard of or used these products? They are very expensive and I wonder if they really work.
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    Hi Swiss, I personally have not used Isagenix products but be aware that they are a multi level marketing product. That means they are trying to grow their business not by their product alone, but also by getting people to sell and get their friends and family etc. to sell in hopes of making big bucks as a small business owner.

    Amway, Shaklee, and others sell this way. Do they have some quality products? Yes, some of them are, however most items are way overpriced in order to allow for all these people to be able to make money. So you have sometimes double the cost for ingredients you can get from other companies of the same quality (sometimes higher quality actually).

    The big question I'd want answered from my doctor is why is he recommending this companies products? I would want a solid list of reasons before I shelled out double or triple the price of a product I could get elsewhere through a reputable company.

    All the best to you,

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    ProHealth was started by a man who has CFIDS himself. The products here are especially for people with our problems. They are of the highest quality and very reasonably priced. A large percent of the revenue from sales goes to research, and advocacy, for what ails us. ProHealth also provides this website, including these message boards. You can request a catalog or just click on Shop Products in the strip at the top of the page. I like the catalog because it is organized into symptoms and the products which address them. The Store here lists symptoms and you can look at the products or search for products alphabetically. I've been using ProHealth products for twelve years and have found them to be the best.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Swiss! I actually created a profile here JUST so I could respond to your post. (I had done a google search on Isagenix and lupus to see if I might help a friend who has lupus.)

    MLM aside, before taking these products, I had major pain in my hips, chronic migraines, insomnia. I had no energy to work out or actually be fully present in my life.

    After taking Isagenix (30 day cleanse and replenishing system), I have a mental clarity that I haven't had for years. I've dropped 30 lbs (since mid-March, 2012), no longer suffer from headaches, have energy to keep up with my little kids. I breathe better. I sleep better. I feel better. I look better.

    Yesterday I felt one of those notorious my-child-just-started-school-and-is-bringing-home-every-germ-known-to-man colds coming on. It lasted less than 24 hours. Before, I would've been laid out for at least a week to ten days.

    I stand to gain nothing personally from posting this. People can dismiss these incredible, health-giving, life-sustaining products because they happen to be a network marketing company and no, they are not "cheap". They are worth every single penny. I have tried supplements and powders in the past--there is simply NO comparison to the vital life force that Isagenix products give. I highly recommend giving them (at least) a 30 day money-back guarantee try.

    xoxoxoxo and wish all of you great health and longevity,
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  5. Yes!! I started Isagenix and have never felt better. Its full of all good stuff that our bodies need. My muscles feel like they are getting fueled. I've suffered with Fibro for 16 years. I've grown tired of being a guinea pig to try this new med or that one. I'm not depressed just in pain so why give me antidepressants? Yes Isagenix is something you buy from a consultant. But that doesn't make it a scam. What's the difference in buying vitamins at GNC? A lot of things when they go from a "private" or "membership" system and are put on a shelf lose a lot of their nutrional value. It works for me and I've learned of a lot of other people getting off of meds and on Isageix. Its easy and affordable. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.