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  1. cmt49829

    cmt49829 New Member

    this has passed in my state to be legal to possess. I am begining to think I might look into it.
    Id like to know if anyone has tried it, has it worked?
    any one know if it's prescribed for FM ?

    Im reaching the Ill try anything point with this DD.
  2. nixon

    nixon New Member

    I saw yesterday on tv where they've legalized it for medical purposes, that is AWESOME!! I'm thinking of moving there (LOL!!) I would say it's worth a try, GOOD LUCK!
  3. cmt49829

    cmt49829 New Member

    it passed the vote to become legal here in november.
    it is now legal in 13 states and now they are stopping arrests of people selling JUST for medical use.
  4. cmt49829

    cmt49829 New Member

    abuse it. not overly thrilled with the fact it may come down to that to help this pain. but like I said... Im getting to the try anything point.
    I am also NOT a smoker or a drinker . I have NO desire to become a druggie but if now and then mj would give some much needed relief. I may decide to try it.
  5. vivian53

    vivian53 Member

    I have given medical marijuana a good try. It didn't decrease my pain but did make me feel a lot better about having the pain. My son-in-law interned with the group trying to get it legalized for medical use here in Texas and from the anecdotal evidence it really does help many folks with our DD and other conditions. I am so glad that it is being recognized as a viable medicine in some states. It will never happen in Texas, at least not in my lifetime. Here we still like to fill our already over-crowded jails with people caught with only small amounts of pot for their personal use.

    I hope it works better for your pain than it did mine, and I also hope you have as good a time trying it as I did. :))

  6. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    did an article on it awhile back....according to their conclusions, it was not helpful, though....don't remember much about how they determined that, though, and since the way we react to meds is very individual, it would stand to reason that this would be different from person to person, as well....I would be worried, though, that our bodies would interpret it as one more toxin
  7. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    My doc. gave me recommend note for med. m.j. I'm in Ca. I have CFS, peripheral neuropathy, chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Also anxiety.

  8. daylight

    daylight New Member

    Ok where is little Jackie Paper???? And that darned dragon PUFF ??

    It should be legal . They legalized opium drugs (vicodin ectr.....)
    MJ is no more dangerous than that is . And wish I had some today for this awful head ach and anxiety.
    OK so I've only smoke it a few times but it does help with the pain and boy howdy did I have the best sleep in years.

    I think it should be legalized everywhere for those who need it.
    But all joking aside they do sell MJ in pill form , mixed in all different kinds of food product,it's in liquid form also . So you don't have to just smoke it.
    And within a controlled establishment you not getting anything unwanted being added to your meds. Unlike on the street where you could be inhaling rat poison. Don't buy from the vender on the street.

    I'm glad that where I live it's now an option (that is if I had a prescription)but I don't .=([This Message was Edited on 03/01/2009]
  9. nixon

    nixon New Member

    I'm in NV., I think it may be legal for medical use here too. I have a friend , whose best friend is dying of cancer and he has a permit, I think he grows his own. I know it helps him ALOT!! I agree that it's probably much safer than alot of prescription drugs on the market, I know for sure it helps with sleep, menstrual issues,anxiety, pain also! I agree that it should NOT be abused, but it should be available to patients with chronic problems.
    I wasn't aware that Michigan had passed a law, but I know they have alot of the "smoke clinics" (that's not what they are called, but I can't think of the proper word!) in CA. I'm SOOO happy to hear that the DEA won't be bothering them anymore. There's an area in Oakland that they refer to as "Oaksterdam". Like someone else may not work for some, just like some scripts don't work for everyone. Although it shouldn't be illegal, Our jails and prisons should be for REAL criminals. That's my thoughts on the issue.

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  10. cmt49829

    cmt49829 New Member

    Im so glad Im getting so many replies. I was really UNsure how the reaction would be to this subject.Ill admit I have smoke mj way back in high school days, and the last couple times I tried it probably 20 years ago, it made me nauseus.
    to know its in pill form etc., sounds more like it.

    where a person would find it in my area.... fat chance.
    Im sure if you can get a script you can find it via the web or something.

    thanks for all the input

    BILLCAMO New Member

    come up before. From what I've read here , over time , it does help most people but not all. There is a man-made version of medicinal MJ that seems to help less with more side effects for many.

    Buying "natural" MJ off the street can be hazardous since some of it has other things added to it.

    In my state , medical MJ is legal. But , on the liberal west side of the state , Drs. had out RXs for it like candy. I live on the east side conservative side of the state where the Drs. are very hesitant to give out RXs for it.

    I would be willing to try it , but , I haven't been able to find a Dr. here that will let me try it , I can't afford to travel to the west side and I have travel limitations created by my DDs.

    When I was much younger and healthy , I did try it a couple of times for "recreational" reasons and was not impressed. I have different reasons now to consider its use.

    Blessings ,

  12. MandaJ

    MandaJ New Member

    In our town in Colorado we have a place where you can go, take your script and your permit, and they provide the MJ for you for a small fee. You smoke it there and then have someone else drive you home. They fought long and hard to get all the paperwork lined up for it and so far the govt hasn't hassled them about it.

    They are on call 24 hours a day so you can do it when you need to. They also have a spa, massage clinic, pain clinic and something else in the building. Pretty progressive, I think.

    I haven't tried MMJ, but my mother did when she was dying from breast cancer. It helped her a lot, but that seems to be the consensus among cancer patients.

    Good luck on your journey and let us know what you decide.
  13. nixon

    nixon New Member

    The strains available today are MUCH stronger than back in the 60's/70's.I've found that when you are new to it, or trying it again after a period of can make you feel a bit nauseous, ill, possibly dizzy, but if you just smoke a little bit then can lay down and just enjoy it, or doze off for a while.....and try again.....usually you'll get over the nauseous feelings etc!.....and it can be quite relaxing and helpful when dealing with chronic pain, headaches, PMS, etc, etc. Are there clinics set up there in Michigan yet?? I've known a few people who take the pills (Marinol) they seem to do ok on them, I guess maybe they are people who can't smoke. There are contraptions though that don't really require smoking as we normally think of smoking, (can't think of the name right now) Something like evaporators??? FIBRO FOG getting the best of me currently!!
  14. nixon

    nixon New Member

    Wow....a spa like setting where you can go to smoke your medical mj, that is amazing! Never heard about that, I'm really only familiar with the Medical MJ happenings in California.

    Sorry to hear your mother lost her battle w/ breast cancer, I'm glad to hear that she was able to get some relief from med. mj.
  15. Clay2

    Clay2 New Member

    Like a lot of others here, I'm several other drugs at the moment. I wonder how much research there has been into drug interactions with it?

    I hate being a guinea pig. How would it react with Lyrica, Elavil, Xanax, etc?
  16. nixon

    nixon New Member

    We kind of are guinea pigs on these newer meds. I was taking a med back in 2005 that had been around awhile, and that's when I started having all these TERRIBLE symptoms, resulting in severe FMS, after doing some research.....I realized the med was causing these problems.
    I quit that drug pronto! No drs. will ever admit that drug has ruined alot of womens lives ( me included) I also believe viruses can lead to FMS, and lord only knows what else may cause these DD.
    From personal experience I've never had a bad reaction mixing MJ with the many meds I've taken over the years. I'd say if you don't feel comfortable with something, don't try it.......You know what I mean! That's just my personal opinion.....I mean NO OFFENSE.
  17. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    A new study reported in the journal Pain finds that Sativex, an orally administered cannabis extract spray, is effective at treating neuropathic pain in patients for whom standard painkillers do not provide adequate relief. During the five-week study, 125 subjects with peripheral neuropathic pain continued to take previously prescribed analgesics and achieved additional relief from Sativex, averaging a reduction of about 1.5 points on a 10-point self-reported pain scale, compared to half a point for the placebo spray. The research is part of GW Pharmaceuticals' efforts to gain wider regulatory approval for Sativex, which is approved for treatment of multiple sclerosis in Europe and for treatment of both cancer pain and M.S.-related neuropathic pain in Canada.

    Every study that demonstrates Sativex's medical utility also demonstrates marijuana's medical utility, belying the U.S. government's claim that it has none. At the same time, if the FDA does eventually approve Sativex for prescription use in the U.S., it will undermine the case for medical marijuana. Like smoked (or vaporized) marijuana but unlike the FDA-approved THC capsules sold under the brand name Marinol, Sativex can be taken easily by people suffering from severe nausea, and its effects are felt quickly, so patients can readily adjust their doses for optimal effect. Smoked/vaporized marijuana may be somewhat faster-acting than Sativex, which is absorbed through the mucus membranes in the mouth, and it would presumably be cheaper as well, although not for patients who have prescription drug coverage. And while Sativex contains both THC and cannabidiol, other ingredients in marijuana may contribute to its therapeutic effect in certain applications
  18. vivian53

    vivian53 Member

    Hi Nixon. I agree with your thoughts about the therapeutic use of MJ. I think the name of the device you were looking for, before your fibrofog took over, is "vaporizer". I asked my 24 yr old. Yes the designer pot, what I call "brand name', but I believe in the younger folks circle it is called "kind bud", is much stronger than the stuff grown in Mexico. Mexican weed is still available and still cheap, just not as strong.

    My husband was prescribed Marinol as he was dying from cancer. When I filled the rx the pharmacist asked me what I effect I was looking for in the drug that would benefit my husband. I replied "euphoria". She told me (these are my words) that the chemical that produced that feeling had been taken out of the drug and that it's benefit was the reduction of nausea from the chemo. It didn't work at all. Zofran was much more effective. We were both disappointed in Marinol.

    I know nothing about the manufactured drug called Sativx. I am interested in learning more though. No, marijuana is not a cure all, but you are right that it helps a lot of folks with relaxation, mood elevation, and sleep, which is pretty good. And as I said before it hasn't reduced my pain, but it makes me able to forget about it for a awhile, so I guess that is in itself a manner of pain reduction.

    Good Luck to everyone trying this method of relief from this DD,

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  19. daylight

    daylight New Member

    That this may also help people with glaucoma but I'm not sure if this is true or not.I does help with PMS in some people.
  20. loto

    loto Member

    i've heard it's good for people with glaucoma also. I totally agree that it should be legalized everywhere for medicinal purposes. I believe it would be less harmful than some of the narcotics taken for chronic pain. hopefully more will be done to make it legal in every state.

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