Anyone tried Monolaurin as successful anti-viral?

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    I did fully recover once after 14 months and stayed well for 3 years. It certainly was not spontaneous, but a very gradual lessening of symptoms. A lot of plateaus, too.

    I've been in a relapse for 2 months and am trying to speed things up a bit. However, this has its own timetable, and it seems no matter how I herx, I'm back to square one.

    I somehow feel we have to attack these pathogens and not let them win. But I think we also need to back off and take a breather so we have some better days without herxing, at least for our own sanity.

    I'm right there with you and the others on this board.

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    I have read about using monolaurin for many bacteria and viruses. I am taking it for a chronic sinus, inner ear problem. I found Ultimate Monolaurin and great information regarding other illnesses on the website. It is a wealth of information with great details and other supplement protocols. I am also taking a probiotic and Inflammation Relief. I have searched many sites in regards to monolaurin and am impressed with the information I found on this website. I hope this info helps.
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    I swear by Lauricidin. I used it a lot when I was sicker and I could tell its working. I had a positive EBV test and after taking Lauricidin 5-6 scoops a day, the next test I did after 3 months came back negative.

    I have also got the ADP ( oregano) from Biotics and am planning to try that soon.

    With love,
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    Hello everyone, I read all of your posts and it was great help do to lack of info on this product made me second guess it. I recently had blood work done and found I had EBV from catching mono, the doctor at first didn't say anything about it because I had it at some point in the past... The doctor said I will have EBV inside of me for the rest of my life, I refused I am a fighter I have fought all my life to stay healthy, because of EBV I started to feel symptoms of CFS and that's when I said to hell with this virus, so I started looking up herbal remedies went to a local organic health food store where they have all the vitamins talked to a nice ladie there and she suggested lauricidin.

    I instantly was shocked at would it claimed to do, so did more research on it just in case, couldn't find much but good stuff so I said f- it I'm not getting any better. 1st day just a pinch a little pinch of the sprinkles with in an hour my lymph node on the back of my head (that had been swollen for 7 years) I almost couldn't find it at all! When before I could instantly find it.

    Today is my second day I took a little bit more today still under 1/4 teaspoon, I have had one side of my nose always clogged up for all my life I have just adapted to it because thought it was just allergy problems. After I took it both my nostrils are cleared and I am able to breathe out both of them! And my lymph node is completely not swollen or even traceable now. I also feel like I can see better, smell better, and just all around feel pretty good, I don't know if this next stuff is just mental because my health Is better, but I want to kinda do a day by day log on here...

    If you are starting this product don't over due it, it is potent like I said I haven't even takin the recommended servings and I'm feeling all of it's effects.

    Hope this helps!!

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    Best of luck with the Lauricidin, Rob!
    I know someone who felt her sinuses clear up after chewing one pellet of it.
    (She didn't know you weren't supposed to chew it! lol No reason other than it tastes bad.)

    I have been taking Lauricidin for years and I love it! I take one pearl every other day, because that is a rate I can handle. It doesn't cause me to Herx at that rate. It just helps keep the critters down to a dull roar.

    I would never ever give up my Lauricidin. When I had the swine flu and was not getting better, it saved my hide. I took 5 pearls a day at that time and it helped me get well.
    I think it is a good thing to have in the house in case any kind of weird epidemic of flu goes around.