Anyone tried or heard of Holosync Meditation Program

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by smalone, May 3, 2006.

  1. smalone

    smalone New Member

    I was just wondering if this had helped anyone or if anyone had tried it before. I have CFS and am trying to find alternative ways to get better.

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    and even own one!

    -- but bad me, I haven't used it.... need to get stereo headphones one of these days...


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  3. colinjn

    colinjn New Member

    I've been using it for a while. You do need a good set of earphones, and CD player...don't convert it to MP3 because of the quality loss. Also remember that the program is powerful and make sure to read all the info and follow the directions. The good thing about Centerpointe is that they have staff there for you to call anytime you feel overwhelmed. It is almost like a free counselling service.

    Remember it is about changing your life. THe first question you need to answer is if you really want to do that.....because the technology and program WILL make that happen. And if you just want to feel good but not change you will go through hell.

    Sorry to sound dramatic, but this is an aspect I have found that people ignore. Bill makes this pretty clear in his book and his newsletter and articles. You can read them online by hunting sround the website.

    My personal opinion is that it has helped me continue to move forward in spite of the frustrating and often crippling circumstances of my life.

    Hope this helps

  4. smalone

    smalone New Member

    Have the tapes helped you any with your CFS? Have they gave you energy or stamina?

    When you say ready to change, do you mean your lifestyle or what? Please give more details.

    Thanks for your response.

  5. JenniferAnn539

    JenniferAnn539 New Member


    I too, am interested if you have had any improvement with your health or relief from your symptoms with the program.

    One of my practitioners has lent me level one and I listened to it a few times and found it difficult to listen to. It seems hard for my brain to take in the different sounds (when I am experiencing my CFIDS symptoms I find I cannot listen to music, it feels like too much work for my brain). I am wondering if this is good for my brain if the level one CD seems to bother me.

    Could you tell me what your experience with it has been?

    Smalone, thanks for the post.

  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Also, which of the titles were/are you using?

    hope you see this...


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  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

  8. colinjn

    colinjn New Member

    Hi Guys,
    Sorry for not getting back sooner.

    Alas, no the soundtracks did not help with the CFS per se.
    However there were some benefits.
    The soundtracks are said to help with the production of endorphins and they did help relax me when I was getting overwhelmed.

    I use them during my afternoon rest time and have helped to reinforce the habit of taking time out to totally collapse. Bill recommends sitting up, but he also says that this is just a recommendation from his own experience of what works best. So I lie down with mine, put on a blindfold to allow my eyes to rest and take an hour to reset myself.

    The soundtracks are just part of the program. You can use them alone and get benefits; but it is good to read the training materials so you have a heads up on the process, the goals, and also how to optimize your experience.

    Ironicaly, the idea of the soundtracks IS to overwhelm your brain. The program is a steady increasing of stress upon your brain through dysynchronous sound. This stimulates endorphins and encourages brain growth. So, if you found your initial experience uncomfortable, this is probably an indicator of how little stress your brain is set up to acommodate. Bill encourages a very slow progression which pays attention to your development rather than an artificial schedule.

    The main benefit is that it allows you to cope with greater levels of stress in everyday life. And also promotes the development of the act of "being the observer and letting everything be OK". Which is not the same as being passive.

    You mentioned finding the sounds difficult to follow. Being the observer means that you simple allow them and not try to be totally involved in the experience. I find it helps to do traditional techniques, such as focusing attention on the breath coming in and out of my nose whenever I start attaching myself to the sound.

    Lastly, the program IS powerful and the intial experience will usually knock you out( deep delta state) at some point while listening.

    Hope this helps. I will add this conversation to my watch list.


  9. colinjn

    colinjn New Member

    Hi Victoria,
    You asked about specific titles I have used. I have tried several and like the "Longevity" one....just because it feels good. The "Making Change Easy" is also good and is one of the most recommended because of the transformations which occur during the program.

    HOWEVER here is a WARNING. The subject specific titles are recorded using quite powerful levels. If you are finding the first level of Holosync uncomfortable, you will find these unbearable.

  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    You have renewd my interest in this approach! I am putting stereo headphones on my list. Plus trying to find where I put the holosync tape/cd I have! (can't even remember which one it is LOL!)

    I also have a couple of Alphasonics tapes someone gave me; wondering if anyone has ever tried these? One of them is 'Psychoneuroimmunology', one also needs the stereo headphones for these.

    I have recently been using 'Music to Promote Sleep' sold by Avalon, found it at a Brookstone store at the airport last month (I especially have a hard time sleeping when travelling/sleeping away from home) - you DON'T need earphones, this was important as I rarely can fall asleep on my back; I play it thru a pillow speaker or just a cd boombox.

    This is the first one (out of about 3-4 different ones I've tried over the years) I've found that actually helped me to go to sleep every time. Now I'm wanting to try it without my usual sleep aids (L-tryptophan & unisom).

    This has always been a fascinating topic to me...

    Thanks, smalone, for starting this thread!

    Hope others can add any experiences as well!
  11. colinjn

    colinjn New Member

    HI Victoria,
    Good luck in your experimenting. Travel is always a challenge. I do a fair bit of it and to be honest I have found that a cocktail of Ibuprofen, Tylenol 8 hour, and Gravol seems to work best (not to mention a glass of wine or two). I've tried all the prescription stuff and only felt dazed and confused.

    We travel a lot with friends and this is where the Holosync works well. I take my time out ( usually reduced to having the shakes)and can rejoin the group with a sense of calm and detachment.

  12. JenniferAnn539

    JenniferAnn539 New Member


    Thank you for posting your experience with the Holosync Meditation Program.

    I appreciate you covering why I might feel that it is uncomfortable to listen to. Since it is safe, I will keep up with the first CD and see how it goes and see what kind of response I get from it.

    Thanks again.

  13. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    Where do you buy these at and how much do they cost?

    Does it help with the fatigue? How do you know when to go to the next level?
  14. colinjn

    colinjn New Member

    You can buy them online through . YOu can get a free intro CD as well. And no I don't get anything for recommending them.....pity.

    You move up levels by ordering new sets, or by joining an inner circle program. Here is a tip... they usuall have rotating specials. Call a counsellor and ask them what the best deal is and whether there is going to be a special of some sort coming up. I hate buying something and then seeing it advertised cheaper a few weeks later.


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