Anyone tried prolotherapy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klutzo, Feb 22, 2003.

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    Since the archives are out of commission, I can't check to see if this has been covered before.
    Someone was at my house this morning and mentioned that prolotherapy had saved her from surgery on her rotator cuff. She told me her Prolotherapy book has a chapter on how it works for FMS. Our former Surgeon General, Everett Koop wrote the forward to the book, telling how prolotherapy helped him.
    It is basically injections of sugar water that inflame the area, causing it to heal itself. The procedure sounds scary though, involving strong pain killers and anesthetics. Only alternative doctors do this therapy.
    Anyone here tried it yet?

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    Hi Klutzo - a local neurosurgeon does both VAX-D (herniated disks) and prolotherapy. I haven't tried it yet but there was a glowing testimony from one of his patients who did really well - had injections every 6 weeks. He has had back pain for over 20 years. Another ingredient in addition to the glucose is sarapin, an herbal medicine allegedly helps with the pain and healing process. Good luck should you try it. BonBons
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    I'm becoming *quite* the board-nag here about prolo therapy. I'm scheduled to have it April 29, both elbows. I've posted some questions about it, if you speak with your friend and you think of it, would you ask for me? I am willing to give this a try, but I really want some input, as I don't know anyone personally who has had this done.
    My doc was a physical therapist, is now a D.O., he's been called a physiatrist, and he uses several combinations of treatment methods. He's the only doc I've ever seen who has mentioned prolotherapy.
    I'm really hoping to get some responses to my posts on this.
    BTW, I just recently changed my username, I was Karen (55) before. That may help you if you remember anything I posted on this before.