anyone tried SKELAXIN (metaxalone)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sweetsmile, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. sweetsmile

    sweetsmile New Member

    i saw it online.
  2. chp1298

    chp1298 New Member

    I used it for a while. It is a muscle relaxant. I did nt notice any difference.My dauighter uses for back pain and says it gives her great relief.
  3. mrafirst

    mrafirst New Member

    Hi, Sweet,
    I have used this drug for about 1 year for back pain. In combination with my prescribed painkiller this seems to help some. But it doesn't have a very strong affect on me.
    Just my .02!
    Mary Rose
  4. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    I've tried it, didn't give me much relief..

  5. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    Yes, I use skelaxin, it does give me some relief. It is a muscle relaxer, sometimes I use robaxin instead. For some reason after I use it for awhile it helps to swith to the other.
  6. cats3

    cats3 New Member

    I started using it on Oct 5,2005
    I take 400mg once to twice a day
    I normally take it at bedtime sure helps me to sleep better
    My doctor is giving me samples of it for now
    using it for my low back pain (degenerative disk disease)

  7. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    I took it for one day. It didn't help. I also broke out in hives all over my body! Hopefully you won't have that reaction!
  8. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    to prescribe Soma for some reason, I think it's the old "addiction" nonsense..I've tried them all. Nothing worked for me but finally the
    Soma. I take 3 a day and they work miracles as muscle spasms were one of my worst things. For sleep I take Trazedone and it works great for me with no after effects some get. Guess I'm lucky about side effects with what I take but I just don't have any that are bad.
  9. JPach007

    JPach007 New Member

    Hi Sweetsmile,
    I take 800 mg 2-3 times per day. Usually when I first get up when I'm stiff and sore..and usually around 2-3 when I have been on my feet working and my lower back starts hurting.
  10. sweetsmile

    sweetsmile New Member

    i really hope i can get this medicine. Does anyone know what it costs for the generic? i am 21 and still see my pediatrician (ironic huh?) and he doesn't have any samples of the hard stuff :) People look at me soo crazy when i go in there in my business suit! they ask the childs name and i say...i am the child. i get a kick out of it. i am reluctant to switch docs b/c in order to get my meds they would actuall have to put fibro on my chart and i dont' want it on there so he just gives me what ever i need but wont put that label on me. i have been sick since i was 9.
  11. Cookie3

    Cookie3 New Member

    I tried it years ago and it made me feel worse, did absolutlely nothing. They say it is good for not making you tired like all of the other muscle relax. do. Try it, it may help you, and if it doesn't stop taking it and tell your doctor that it does not help. Good luck.
  12. Kinsie

    Kinsie New Member

    I took is for a while. Couldn't tell it did anything. I have never had much help from muscle relaxers. They either don't do anything, or they make me so sleepy I can't function.

    So, for me Skelaxin didn't do much.

  13. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...that Skelaxin is one of the mildest muscle relaxants, doesn't work for a lot of people. Have you tried Zanaflex? Stronger, but supposedly non-addicting...

    Good luck, hope you find something that works!

  14. kgangel

    kgangel New Member

    yes, i use it everyday 800mg 3 x's a day. i can no tolerate much for pain, that only helps a little but, better then nothing. i have heard flexeril better for those who can tolerate.

    good luck with it hope it helps!!

  15. kalley167

    kalley167 New Member

    and quite honestly it was just like taking candy for me. It did nothing. But everyone reacts differently.

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