Anyone tried Taurox(tm)?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lavishfind, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. lavishfind

    lavishfind New Member

    Hi: I am new to your group and after undergoing a lot of different drugs, specialists(??) and 4 years of having a rare pituitary tumor tracked by 2 MRI's a year and a set of 3 specialists each time (and they will NOT ATTRIBUTE my fibro/CFIDS to this tumor, with pituitary being MASTER GLAND OF THE WHOLE BODY!!!) My tests just donot, in their opinion substantiate any correlation to my DD.

    However on this website (ImmuneSupport), I read about Taurox study and this drug sounded very viable for me with all my medical sensitivities and extreme fatigue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE -- ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT TAUREX. esp. is it out on the market and expensive (silly question?)! Really looking forward to meeting you "guys" and want all to know that I'm not an irritatingly perpetually upbeat person--I just don't tend to log on much less email when I'm down. Think that will change now as I can tell you all can "handle" it and support. Love - Rosie
  2. hensue

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    To me it would have all the correlation in the world on your condition. Thats crazy, I have never heard of taurox. That is a new one. I would like to know.
    you will get all the support you need on this board !
    Hopefully someone out here has taking it or knows about it.
    Anytime your down get on here. They give so much help more than you could ever possibly know.
    Tangible and non tangible who cares.
    It is emotional and physical so we need it.
    Good going ask questions it works
    Let me know how this goes
  3. lavishfind

    lavishfind New Member

    Hi Hensue! You are my first message back! I pushed for surgery this last March and the neurosurgeon (who I have been seeing for 4 years) REFUSED. They WILL NOT PUT two and two together nor see the Fibro/CFIDS as a possible secondary dysfunction due to pituitary. I see a Neuroopthomologist who is good and actually it would be more HIM than any of the other specialists who could get the surgery pushed through. Right now my eyesight, while impaired (normal aging they partly contribute problems to--of course,dah!) is not presenting a critical problem, such as the brain stem being compressed (not a lot of space for a pituitary 3X its size) AND another critical MUST for surgery would be if I had such a killer migraine that this is what prompts most surgeries. However, migraines are a regular part of my life and it was migraines in the first place that promted the MRI that found the pituitary. Yet, they give this no relevance. I have been doing visualizations to shrink tumor, as I feel it looks like it is all on me. I live alone, have NO FAMILY, 1 SO-SO FRIEND, AND NEIGHBORS NOT WANT TO BE INVOLVED.

    In reading all the posts, I wish we all could pool our money (however small) and form our own subdivision someplace and all live "together" next door. I'd sure like meeting you. Thanks for responding. The Taurex drug, by the way is mentioned in the ImmuneSupport libary of articles, available by clicking on something in the home page headings, I believe. You might want to give it a read if you feel up to it. By the way, should I sign off as lavishfind, or my name, which is Rosie?

    Thanks for "listening" and I care about you too. Can tell by short sentences you are POOPED!!!!
  4. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I just did a google search on Taurox. It's a homeopathic remedy available lots of places. It looks a little pricey for homeopathy, but if it does everything it's supposed to it might be worth it. So just google it for more info --


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