Anyone tried the Bowen Technique?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by barbaradh, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. barbaradh

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    I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has tried this. I am desperate for some relief from my pain - I'm tired of taking medication, and it doesn't get rid of all of my pain anyway. Has anyone out there had any success with this treatment?

  2. klutzo

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    Several people in my support group were in it. They thought it helped a lot, once they got past the awful headaches at the beginning, but it did not help anymore after it was over. They would have had to keep doing it all the time to keep the results. One of them comes to this Board, so if you get no more responses, edit your post and re-direct it to "KerryMyGirl" and see if she responds. I know she has told me she would do Bowen again if she could because it helped her more than anything else she'd tried.
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    Hi, Yes, I did the Bowen by Dr. W. from Bowen Labs, she teaches it all over the world now. I was in the 1st research study done in U.S. for fm. So I had a couple friends that also went. We all got headaches, mine was the worst because I got a 5 day cluster. Other had migraine some I hear did not only via hearsay. The gals I knew, we figured it out that as long as they stayed away from rolling over occipital nerve area that we were ok.

    I will admit it did something after I got over my horrid head. It lasted longer than accupunture or numerous other treatments that I have partaken.

    It is worth a shot if you can afford it. It is the least invasive treatment I know of and I helped work with fm patients at clinic.

    Felt like I found some of my old self back again. Usually on the way home I could only make a stop or 2 out of the 10 I may have planned. The last treatment no. 3 I found myself making most of my stops, almost forgot that I have this problem for awhile it was great.

    I went in as a total skeptic. I saw on a refined heart machine my energy level go from 300 when I first went in and after it read over 1000. It was amazing. The 1st 2 did nadda the 3rd was the 1 that worked for weeks.

    It is not a cure. Wish it was that simple but it did something for all of us.

    Let me know how it goe`s. Good Luck!!!!
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    Thanks so much for your response. I am currently trying to find a practitioner in my area - found one and e-mailed her two days ago, but haven't heard anything back yet. Another that is even closer I'm going to get in touch with. I am desperate - I'm so sick of taking medication and still being in pain. The only thing right now that makes any significant difference in my pain is massage, but the effect doesn't last very long.

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    This dude Bowen invented or should say came across accidentally this technique. I have about 3 pages on it somewhere, hmmmm. When I was in research study it lasted alot longer because I was being hooked up to machines to get my bodies response before and after. Which showed my energy level before treatment and after it.

    It is totally non invasive. The 1st 5 min. you are to go to a relaxing place. Usually ask what kind of tape you may want such as ocean, rainfall etc. You lay on one side first and certain area`s of your body are rolled over, hands on, from your bottom workin top. Then someone comes in speaks to you to keep you relaxed and in your favorite thought.
    You then are left to relax about 10 min. You go to backside and certain area`s are rolled over by hands.

    That is pretty much it very simple.

    What the object is our bodies are like fine tuned violins.
    When they get out of tune we need to be retuned to get our system back in sink.

    It has been used some parts of Europe for yrs. Started in the 40`s. Just was never taught to others or understood.

    Hope this helps it is simple but hard to grasp.

    I had it done and still am not sure what happened. If I could afford I would definately do it again. Like anything we are all diff. One gal went on a hiking trip after. She was not real bad like I am plus I have so many things wrong now. They are using it on cancer pt. and others. This was the 1st fm study. Take Care!!!!!